Fans SLAM Abbie Chatfield as she joins The Masked Singer

"I won't watch it."
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We’re just weeks away from a brand-new season of The Masked Singer, and a mostly-new judging panel will be coming along with it.

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While Jackie O, Dannii Minogue, and Urzila Carlson have tapped out this season, they have been readily replaced with three fresh new faces, who will join Dave Hughes on the panel.

However, not everyone is pleased with the arrival of reality stars and radio hosts Abbie Chatfield and Chrissie Swan, and former Spice Girl, Mel B.

Taking to the comment section on a recent promo, fans of the show aired their grievances with the new star panel.

The judging panel for 2022 has gotten a refresh, and not everyone is happy about it. (Credit: 10)

“Why should Abbie be on every single show on TV? I won’t watch it because of her,” one wrote.

“Abbie should be one of those disgraced Bachelor people who no one even remembers, not thrown into the spotlight as a celebrity judge,” another added.

“It is pretty damn sad when you have to go to ex Bachelor and Big Brother people to fill in spots as judges,” wrote a third, coming for Chrissie Swan.

“The judges, about as low as you can get, guess 10 spending all the money on costumes instead,” added a fourth.

Abbie and Chrissie have both come under fire. (Credit: Instagram)

Another angry commenter felt the positions should have gone to people in the music industry, given that the role is to judge a singing contest after all.

“Why can’t we have judges from the music industry judging a singing contest? Surely we have enough talent in this country to fill those spots,” they shared.

However, we’re guessing many among the contestants will be from the music industry, with the same promo featuring a stellar performance of Xanadu by Olivia Newton-John from someone behind a mirror ball mask.

Abbie and Mel B were snapped together at the Logies this year. (Credit: Getty)

While Abbie rose to fame on the 2019 season of The Bachelor, she has since gone on to host a podcast and a national evening radio show.

She hosted Love Island Afterparty last year and has now joined The Masked Singer as the next step in her TV career.

Chrissie Swan appeared on Big Brother in 2003 and has worked in the media industry ever since. She also works in radio, hosting Chrissie, Sam & Browny alongside Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown.

Meanwhile, Mel B is making her return to the Australian small screen, having previously hosted The X Factor Australia and The Voice Kids Australia.

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