Abbie Chatfield hits back at criticism over open relationship: “Why do you care?”

"You're so insecure."
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Abbie Chatfield has hit back at trolls who bombarded the Bachelor star with negative messages following her revelation that she and boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephen are in an open relationship.

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Following Abbie announcing the news on her It’s A Lot podcast, the reality star was then forced to defend herself following a slew of hateful criticism on social media.

“Some of you f**kers are so embarrassingly triggered because you’re so insecure. You’re like, ‘But if you love someone…’ Not me, not him,” she said in a video shared on Instagram Stories. 

Abbie has no time for haters. (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s fine, if that’s how you feel, be monogamous, love that for you. But why do you care if I f**k someone else or he f**ks someone else?”

Abbie continued to slam the haters on her national evening show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield on the Hit Network, saying those who don’t agree with her relationship should “stay in their lane”.

She also detailed the “rules” she and fellow reality star Konrad follow in their arrangement.

“Often people have certain rules and boundaries. It isn’t just like yeah you can do whatever you want,” she said on air.

“For example, one of our rules is you can’t sleep with the same person more than once — you get one go. You can’t sleep with people you’ve slept with before because then you’re just kind of dabbing in your past life.”

“We’re not polyamorous”. (Credit: Instagram)

“We’re not polyamorous. People have asked me today, ‘Does that mean you can have two partners?’ No. So he’s my quote-on-quote ‘primary partner’ and we can sleep with other people, but in a poly relationship, you can also have a primary partner and have secondary partners as well,” she explained.

“But we just have one primary partner which is each other, and then we sleep with other people. So emotionally monogamous but physically non-monogamous.”

Earlier this week, Abbie revealed on her podcast that her relationship with Konrad has a “different structure” than traditional couples.

“Mummy and daddy aren’t breaking up,” she laughed.

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“We’re just having a different structure to our relationship. So we’re open. We’re in an open relationship which we love.”

Konrad revealed that he hadn’t been in an open relationship before, but admitted it’s something he wants to “explore and navigate”.

“Someone we met on the weekend actually gave us some good tips, some pointers,” he said.

“[They said to] go to see a sex therapist, talk about what your boundaries are. Because it’s not like you should go sleep with anyone.”

“There are rules. You can still cheat on each other.” (Credit: Instagram)

Abbie responded: “Yeah there are rules. You can still cheat on each other.”

“That’s the stuff I want to navigate and I want to learn because I feel like there’s so much more to a relationship than just sex,” Konrad added.

The pair went on to reveal that since deciding to have a non-traditional relationship, Konrad has slept with someone else, however, Abbie hasn’t yet.

“I was freaking out because I’d never been in an open relationship before,” Konrad admitted.

Abbie revealed Konrad has slept with someone else. (Credit: Instagram)

Abbie went on to reveal that they’ve received judgement from their peers and that people assume Konrad is “forcing” her into an open relationship.

“People think we’re doing it because one of us is forcing the other which isn’t true,” Abbie said, adding, “I’ve been in open things before and I’ve also never, ever valued monogamy, not that I’ve cheated.”

“For me, someone f**king someone else, I don’t care. I’ve tried to care. I care about the lying and I care about getting STIs because of the lying, but I don’t care about someone’s genitals going in someone else’s genitals.”

“Some people say ‘it’s because you’ve been cheated on so much you think it’s all you’re worth’ and I’m like, it’s my kink.”

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