DWTS’ Beau Ryan cosies up to Chloe Lattanzi

The reality TV stars are getting on well!
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Dancing With The Stars’ Chloe Lattanzi and beau Ryan have been spotted looking very cosy as they left a dance studio after rehearsals in Melbourne.

WATCH: Chloe Lattanzi discusses her battle with anorexia and depression

The reality TV pair initially looked to be having a tense and serious conversation, which soon turned to laughter as the pair, who have become good friends during the show, looked relaxed in each other’s company.

Dancing With The Stars' Chloe Lattanzi and Beau Ryan look cosy
Dancing With The Stars’ Chloe Lattanzi and Beau Ryan look cosy (Credit: MediaMode)

Chloe has been spending plenty of time in her mother’s homeland where she is competing on the Ten reality show.

She recently spoke candidly about her health battles with anorexia and depression during a lengthy interview with Studio 10‘s Angela Bishop.  

The 34-year-old daughter of Olivia Newton-John confessed that she found it difficult dealing with the pressures of growing up in Hollywood, which led to her 15-year struggle with depression, and also her issues with anorexia, body dysmorphia, drug addiction and alcohol dependency.  

“I think growing up in LA, growing up in the limelight, and growing up around people who have had plastic surgery, and who are all thin. It happens,” she said. 

“So many kids that I know of have struggled with body dysmorphia or eating disorders,” she added.

“I mean, it’s a common thing in Hollywood.”

chloe angela
Chloe opened up to Angela Bishop in a candid interview about her health battles. (Credit: Instagram )

According to the star, “nine out of 10 girls” in the entertainment industry are affected by similar problems. 

She went on to say she struggled with feeling like she wasn’t “quite enough” and it became a “way of being”. 

“I was just a child going through a physiological illness and I kind of self-sabotaged because internally I was not well,” she explained. 

“I didn’t know up from down. [I thought] How am I going to be a celebrity and be able to handle all the pressures.” 

chloe olivia
Chloe as a child and her mum, Olivia (Credit: Instagram )

Last week, speaking to 10 News First, the Grease star, 71, and her daughter discussed how Chloe has overcome drug addiction, depression, anorexia and body dysmorphia.

Olivia gushed: “She’s doing things I never could have done. I never did anything ambitious as you are doing, darling.”

Chloe, whose father is actor Matt Lattanzi, explained how her stint on Dancing With The Stars has been a “rebirth” for her. 

“I am having the time of my life, it’s like a rebirth,” she said, as she explained she hopes her story will inspire others who are suffering mental of physical illnesses.

Proud mum Olivia gushed about her daughter Chloe’s talents (Credit: Channel 10)

Proud mum Olivia couldn’t hold back her praise for her daughter.

“You just have a natural beauty and grace that is just so wonderful to watch, it just makes me well up,” she added. 

chloe olivia
Chloe is appearing on Dancing With the Stars (Credit: Channel 10)

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