Casey Donovan catfishing scandal takes bizarre twist

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Catfishing victim Casey Donovan is set to help Australians who are worried about their online relationships in a new TV show, which is being launched for Channel Ten’s Pilot Week. 

WATCH: Casey Donovan reveals she learned to let go despite being catfished

The Australian Idol winner, who was famously duped by a female friend for six years and believed she was in a relationship with a man named Campbell, will co-host Catfish Australia.

Casey, 31, will be joined by documentary maker Patrick Abboud, and the pair will help everyday Australians who are worried about the real identities of their online loves.

The show is based on Catfish: The TV Show an American reality/doco-style television series uncovering the truths and lies of online dating.

casey donovan catfishing tv show
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In an interview earlier this month, Casey told Andrew Denton she’s finally learned to forgive the person, named Olga, who masterminded her ordeal.

“I think I have forgiven her – there’s some anger there definitely but I had to let it go to move forwards,” she told Andrew Denton’s Interview.

Pilot Week is coming soon to Channel Ten.

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