Candice Warner reveals what she hated most about I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

The former Iron Woman went into the jungle in support of Dolly's Dream.
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She’s overcome some incredible obstacles in her life as a former Iron Woman and mother of three young girls, but nothing could have prepared Candice Warner for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

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Arriving with her hair and makeup beautifully done in a gorgeous yellow dress, the 38-year-old was quickly thrown into the thick of it on her first day in the jungle when she was trapped in a room with all manners of creepy crawlies and unmentionable concoctions dumped upon her head.

But persevere she did, giving it her all in every bushtucker trial, and becoming an integral part of her camp where she provided encouragement and support to all her fellow celebrity contestants.

What a lovely welcome to the jungle for Candice. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Speaking with New Idea the morning after she farewelled the jungle in favour of her creature comforts, Candice said taking part in I’m A Celeb was “far worse” than she had expected. 

“When you are at home watching the show you are only seeing the entertaining bits but what you don’t see is just how real it is.”

“I was walking to the waterfall and I saw a cobra, I was at the gym and a snake went past me, I was changing the bins and there was a scorpion.”

Despite this, the mother of three said she enjoyed the downtime, and the opportunity to reflect on her life past and present. 

“There was a lot of time to reflect upon how I would like to continue my life when I exit the jungle,” she added.

Candice has been asked previously to take part in I’m A Celeb and said no, but said yes this year because “the timing felt right.” (Credit: Channel Ten)

She also loved the opportunity to raise awareness for a cause close to her heart – Dolly’s Dream and show her three girls aged between four and nine that mum was also capable of doing “really cool stuff” like their cricket legend dad. 

“I wanted to show the girls that we are all going to have fears and setbacks in life and will be faced with circumstances that can be challenging, but if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.” 

“I really wanted to show them that yes, their dad achieves a lot, but girls rock and women can do just as much as men can.”

The mother of three gave it her all in every bushtucker trial. (Credit: Channel Ten)

While Candice is busy enjoying a cosy bed and warm shower away from the smells and sounds of the jungle, she does admit to us she misses her “jungle family,” especially Michelle [Bridges].

“I feel like we are very similar people and we just got one another. But I’ll also miss Peter Daicos and his laughter, Steven too, and Khanhs’ cooking – what a treat!” 

Frankie is also a loveable guy who just wears his heart on his sleeve and has had a huge transformation.

“Everyone is fabulous!”

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