Cameron Daddo spills more about “bittersweet” Home and Away exit

“I was like: 'Do I have to die? Can we find a cure?'"
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Home and Away never fails to tug at the heartstrings of its viewer.

WATCH: Home and Away’s Evan and Ryder say emotional goodbye

And earlier this year actor Cameron Daddo, 55, was at the centre of one of Summer Bay’s most gutwrenching storylines when his terminally ill character Evan Slater skipped town to avoid his son Ryder (Lukas Radovich) being forced to watch him die.

And while Aussie audiences are still reeling from the emotional scenes (sniff!), over in the UK, the plot has just played out and left British fans devastated.

Home and Away Ryder Cameron
Cameron Daddo (pictured with Lukas Radovich) admitted his departure was “bittersweet”. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Speaking to UK publication Digital Spy, Cameron shared new details about his dramatic departure and revealed he would have love to continue on the show.

“I was happy at the beginning that it was going to be a short run, then about ten weeks in, I wanted to stay because it’s so good. I was like: ‘Do I have to die? Can we find a cure?’ It was bittersweet,” Cameron admitted.

Cameron Daddo
“I wanted to stay because it’s so good. I was like: ‘Do I have to die? Can we find a cure?'” Cameron said. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Cameron, who is married to former model Alison Brahe with whom he shares three children (Lotus, 24 River, 20 and Bodhi, 14), also said the storyline hit close to home due to the age of his on-screen son Ryder.

“In real life, I have a son who’s about the same age as Ryder. I innately had that love for Ryder because I have that for my son in real life. There was a lot of feeling in the scenes,” Cameron said.

“Evan knows he’s on borrowed time. He doesn’t know when he’s going to die or what it’s going to be like. It scares him, but he needs to go through it and accept it. It was a beautiful role to play.”

Cameron Daddo family
Cameron (pictured with wife Alison and kids Lotus, River and Bodhi) said the storyline hit home as Ryder is a similar age as his real-life son. (Credit: Instagram)

In a previous interview with New Idea, Cameron praised the plot as  “very emotional and lovely piece of work to get into.”

He added that his talented co-stars made the acting process relatively easy for him.

“It was difficult – but it was not difficult. And to be sitting there with Georgie Parker on the other side was just lovely,” he said.

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