Cameron Daddo’s heartfelt confession: ‘It was so emotional’

The actor bares his heart!
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For seasoned stage and screen star Cameron Daddo, bringing this week’s heart-wrenching scenes to life on Home and Away was an emotional experience.

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“It is so hard for Evan to verbalise the fact that he is dying,” Cameron says.

“Our job is to be storytellers and I totally get where Evan’s coming from. Before he told Roo the truth, he hadn’t actually said the words to anyone that he was dying.

Home and Away Cameron Daddo
For seasoned stage and screen star Cameron Daddo, bringing this week’s heart-wrenching scenes to life were filled with emotion. (Credit: Getty)

“It’s that realisation that came with speaking those words. This was the first time he had said it – and the first time he’d really allowed himself to feel it, as well as contemplate the life that he has lived.

“He now knows that he’s potentially weeks away from the end of his own life. So it was a very emotional and lovely piece of work to get into.

“It was difficult – but it was not difficult. And to be sitting there with Georgie Parker on the other side was just lovely,” Cameron added.

Home and Away Cameron Daddo
Cameron Daddo admitted that playing his character was an emotional experience. (Credit: Seven)

In this week’s hugely emotional storylines, Roo – who has repeatedly urged Evan to tell Ryder the devastating truth – is unable to keep silent any longer.

First telling Alf (Ray Meagher) about Evan’s condition, Roo later crumbles, telling Ryder what she knows.

And nothing, it’s safe to say, can prepare the young man for Roo’s heartbreaking revelation.

Cameron Daddo
In this week’s hugely emotional storyline, Evan (Cameron) finally tells Ryder his devastating news. (Credit: Seven)

“There have been a few false starts before this, and Ryder definitely knew something was up. But I’m sure he wasn’t thinking it was going to be this,” Cameron says.

“Evan isn’t showing any symptoms and appears to be as fit as a fiddle, so this certainly comes as a huge shock to Ryder.”

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