Brendan Fevola debuts shocking transformation

He surprised his radio co-hosts with a brand-new look.
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Former footballer and radio host Brendan Fevola has debuted a shocking transformation as part of a radio segment done alongside his co-hosts, Fifi Box and Nick Cody.

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As part of ‘Boxy’s Big Night’, an event that’s been weeks in the making, Brendan turned up to the Gold Coast night of nights with his hair bleached blonde.

He debuted the transformation to Fifi by surprising her when she stepped out of a lift.

“That’s amazing!” she said, looking completely shocked.

“All for you mate,” he told her.

“I don’t know what to say,” she laughed.

Brendan shocked Fifi with the transformation for her big night out. (Credit: Instagram)

Footage of the night unfolding was provided on Instagram, which saw Fifi, Brendan and Nick partying in a hummer, drinking, singing karaoke, and culminated in Brendan getting a tattoo that read ‘FFN’, for Fifi, Fev and Nick – the name of their radio show.

It also appears he got the word ‘Boxy’ tattooed on himself at some point, although some were questioning if that one was real or temporary.

Boxy’s Big Night was created as an all-nighter party for Fifi, who is usually so tied up with her two young daughters that she rarely gets time to let her hair down.

Brendan went all in, even getting a tattoo to commemorate the night. (Credit: Instagram)

With Brendan and Nick naming her ‘the smoke bomb queen’ given she leaves events early, the three decided it was time to treat her to a big night out on the Gold Coast, Australia’s party city.

“I’m so excited to finally be going back out on the town having spent the last 10 years with babies and toddlers. I am very nervous as I have never been out with my friend Brendan Fevola,” she revealed.

“I know he has had some big nights, but not sure he knows what my dancing feet are capable of!” she joked.

The hair and tattoos are just another transformation for Brendan, who has recently lost weight too. (Credit: Instagram)

The hair (and tattoos) marks another transformation for the AFL star, who recently lost 12 kilograms in preparation for a boxing ‘fight night’.

He will be joined by the likes of Dane Swan, Adam Cooney, and Cameron Mooney, who will fight it out at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne.

“I’m working pretty hard. I was nearly 128kg three weeks ago and I’m down to about 116kg and a half,” he said of his training.

“I’ve been eating really well, that’s been the main thing.

“I’ve got a kitchen now so haven’t been having Uber Eats for the last four months for five meals a day. But the training’s really hard,” he revealed.

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