REVEALED: Brad’s showmance with Nicole Poturalski

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Jaws around the world dropped when Brad Pitt jetted into France with German model Nicole Poturalski last month, sparking speculation that the actor’s rebooted relationship with first wife, Jennifer Aniston, had once again hit the skids.

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But the alleged lovebirds haven’t been spotted together since. Now, insiders are growing suspicious that the sighting near Château Miraval, the home Brad still shares with ex-wife Angelina Jolie, was nothing more than a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt!

Fuelling the showmance theories is the fact Nicole – who is reportedly in an open marriage with 68-year-old Roland Mary, the father of her 7-year-old son, Emil – has been following and liking numerous Instagram posts dedicated to her and Brad, 56. In another strange move, Nicole, 27, recently took to Instagram to dispel rumours she hates Angelina.

When a follower asked, “Why you and Brad hate Angelina?” Nicole shot back saying, “Not hating [on] anyone. We love. We support. We smile. Life is beautiful.”

“Being linked to Brad has already given Nicole’s career a huge boost.” (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

Other reports believe Nicole is eager to kickstart an acting career, so having Brad on her arm could open a lot of doors in Hollywood.

“Being linked to Brad has already been a huge boost to her career, plus of course it would have given Brad a real kick to mess with Ange by stepping out with a much younger look-alike after everything she’s been putting him through,” says a source.

Meanwhile, we’re told Brad’s conservative Midwestern parents Jane and Bill aren’t thrilled he’s linked to a married woman who’s half his age.

“They’re worried he’s making a fool of himself,” says a second source. “Jane spends a lot of time on the phone with Jen anxiously discussing it. Jane is still close with Jen and is relying on her to keep Brad from falling in with a weird post-divorce crowd.”

Nicole followed the Instagram account @nicobrad2020, which was dedicated to her and Brad. (Credit: Instagram)

Brad’s parents aren’t the only ones who have a close bond with Jen.

An insider previously revealed to New Idea that Brad’s daughter Shiloh, whom he shares with ex Angelina, has been “growing closer” to Brad’s first wife. 

“Shiloh prefers peace and quiet, and with her brothers and sisters roaring around and her mum juggling a thousand things at once, Shiloh just needed a place to relax,” a source revealed.

“She confided this in Jen a few weeks back, when they were both visiting Brad. Jen has always had a soft spot for Shiloh and feels sorry for her being stuck between two parents, and told her she was always welcome to come and spend time at her place. Shiloh jumped at the chance and Brad was all for it.”

Brad’s daughter Shiloh has been growing closer to Jen. (Credit: Getty)

There’s even been buzz that Brad’s close friend and Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat has volunteered to be a surrogate for Brad and Jen.

“Alia and Brad have become as close as siblings in the past year. He loves her and trusts her as much as any family member, which is rare for him. He usually keeps his cards very close to his chest, but he let Alia in on his fear that he and Jen were worried they may never have a child together.”

During her five-year marriage to Brad, Jen often spoke about how she longed to start a family with the Hollywood hunk.

“We’d definitely love to have two – at least,” she gushed during an interview in 2004.

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