Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s surrogate bombshell!

A selfless friend is making their dreams come true.
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For almost a year now, Brad Pitt’s relationship with Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat has been something of a mystery.

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The odd couple were spotted publicly for the first time last September, when they attended a play together in Los Angeles. Since then, they’ve continued to hang out, hitting up art galleries, concerts and even fast food joints. Alia has also been spotted at Brad’s house.

Many wondered if Brad, 56, had decided to cool his reconciliation with first wife Jennifer Aniston in favour of spending time with Alia.

jennifer aniston dumplin promo
Jennifer Aniston Stuns at Premiere for her Netflix movie Dumplin’ (Credit: Getty Images)

However, with sources confirming that Brad and Jen are “stronger than ever”, the real reason for Alia’s presence in Brad’s life has seemingly come to light – she’s acting as a surrogate for the lovebirds!

Indeed, new photos of Alia, 31, taken in LA on August 17 have friends buzzing that she’s pregnant. But, says our exclusive insider, it’s not in the way they probably expect…

“Word going around is that Alia volunteered as surrogate for Brad’s child,” tells our insider.

“Alia and Brad have become as close as siblings in the past year. He loves her and trusts her as much as any family member, which is rare for him. He usually keeps his cards very close to his chest, but he let Alia in on his fear that he and Jen were worried they may never have a child together.”

brad pitt red carpet
“Word going around is that Alia volunteered as surrogate for Brad’s child,” an insider said. (Credit: Getty Images)

During her five-year marriage to Brad, Jen often spoke about how she longed to start a family with the Hollywood hunk.

“We’d definitely love to have two – at least,” she gushed during an interview in 2004.

Sadly it wasn’t to be and the couple divorced childless the following year. Brad went on to have six kids with his second wife Angelina Jolie, which sources say was a rather tough pill for poor Jen to swallow.

“Now that she and Brad have got it together again, her desire [to have his baby] hasn’t changed,” explains our insider. “Brad is anxious to make it up to Jen by making her a mum, but they both know that time is not on their side biologically.”

alia shawkat
Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat is said to be acting as surrogate for Brad and Jen’s baby (Credit: Getty Images)

Jen, 51, had hoped to have a child the conventional way, but eventually came around to the idea of surrogacy – especially after several of her close friends, including Nicole Kidman, welcomed children via carriers.

“Jen will just be grateful to have a baby of her own, whichever way it arrives,” adds the source. “Alia is a fantastic, selfless person, and it has pained her to watch Brad and Jen’s struggle to be parents. They aren’t very forthcoming on the details right now, but as her tummy grows, they’re not going to be able to keep it secret for long!”

While Brad and Jen are thrilled, not everyone is happy about the possible baby news.

brad and jen
Brad and Jen are “stronger than ever” according to friends. (Credit: Getty Images)

Sources say Angelina, 45, is furious that her kids Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, and 12-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox are getting a new sibling. They also suspect that Ange’s recent attempt to delay her and Brad’s four-year custody battle by requesting that the presiding judge be removed could be in retaliation to the pregnancy.

“They don’t know if Angie is jealous or just doesn’t want Brad moving on with his life,” says a separate insider. “She’s sending out a lot of mixed messages.

“But her kids are excited … Shiloh has already volunteered to babysit – she can’t wait – and the rest of the younger kids are busy helping to come up with baby names.”

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