Instagram post sparks Beauty and the Geek ‘partner swap’ rumours

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Fans have come to expect partner swaps from shows like Married At First Sight, but two Beauty And The Geek stars have shocked everyone by seemingly pulling the same move.

Sam Mitchell and Tegan Burns shared a cheeky selfie to Instagram on Sunday, sparking rumours they’d struck up a romance after filming wrapped.

The only problem? When Sam was eliminated from the show he was still in a romantic pairing with co-star Angelique Nguyen.

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So is this really a partner swap or just a case of a misinterpreted selfie?

Sam shared the image in question to his profile, which doesn’t appear to have been taken at any of the BATG filming locations. The background actually looks like Sam or Tegan’s home.

Both wearing big smiles and a filter that left hearts on their cheeks, Sam captioned the photo: “Another classic Saturday night.”

Sam and Tegan
Sam posted a cosy looking selfie to Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

Moments later Tegan replied “We’re cute. Love you thammy,” with two kissing emojis.

Fans quickly cottoned on to the flirty exchange, one commenting: “Oooh has there been a partner swap already?”

A little digging on Instagram revealed that Sam and Tegan are both following each other and have liked all of one another’s posts from Beauty And The Geek.

Sam and Angelique were the first couple to kiss on BATG
Sam and Angelique were the first couple to kiss on BATG (Credit: Nine)

Currently all of the cast’s Instagram accounts appear to be managed by the BATG team, but in the months between filming and the show’s premiere they seemed to have control over their posts and likes.

Tegan dropped a like on one of Sam’s from June, before the show went to air, while Sam liked a stunning snap of Tegan in a glittering dancing outfit just before the show premiered.

Though it doesn’t prove anything, the two have certainly been staying in touch since filming wrapped.

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