Beau Ryan: ‘It’s the most unique race ever!’

Nothing is standing in the way of Beau's race
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Despite a worldwide pandemic derailing production on The Amazing Race Australia, the show’s host Beau Ryan says fans can still expect the best season yet!

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Beau says this Australia-based season of The Amazing Race is faster, longer and harder! (Credit: Ten)

You recently completed your own Amazing Race of sorts with the family – what was that like?

We started in Ulladulla, then went to Terrigal, Nambucca Heads, Grafton and Yamba. We tried all the coffee and seafood, in that order. We found a few jump rocks and secret spots along the way. It was good to get the kids out of the house and into the outdoors. The only problem is now my son wants us to build a jump rock at home in our pool!

What’s one thing you learnt about Australia that surprised you?

I knew the Top End was hot, but I wasn’t prepared for the humidity. Darwin got the better of me. I just couldn’t stop sweating – even the flies were tapping out!

Beau and his family did a recent tour around the country. (Credit: Instagram)
Do you think you and your wife, Kara, could ever compete on the show together?

I don’t think we could, to tell you the truth. She is super competitive, which is good, but I’m impatient!

After a year in lockdown, the thought of a family holiday might be too much for some parents… any advice?

Get outside and go meet and chat with the locals. Try the local food and coffee. Every town in Australia is very different and has so much to offer.

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