The Bachelor baby scandal: Chelsie dumps Matt over secret affair

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Matt Agnew finally declared his true feelings for Chelsie McLeod at The Bachelor’s final rose ceremony in South Africa…but this love story might not have a happy ending.

New Idea has since learnt that Matt may have slept with a contestant on the show … that wasn’t Chelsie.

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“Matt hits it off with quite a few of the girls, kissing the greatest number of contestants the show has ever seen,” the source claims.

“We’re also told that the handsome astrophysicist even beds one of them – and it’s not the woman he ends up picking at the final rose ceremony!”

The insider claims runner-up Abbie Chatfield is the lady Matt Agnew apparently slept with on the show and the rumours would no doubt destroy Chelsie.

Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield

In the finale, we saw Chelsie finally find the confidence to open up to the Bachelor and tell Matt that she loved him, but still she was sure that he was going to break her heart.

Even when Matt tells Chelsie “I love you”, she whispers back: “I thought you were dumping me.” Could her insecurities add to the problem?

Following Abbie and Matt’s steamy date, which saw the astrophysicist get very close to the 32-year-old on the beach before they boarded a private yacht, fans were convinced that Abbie and Matt slept together that night.

“Anyone else think they totally got up to more than kissing?” speculated one person online. “[T]he only thing on her mind at the end is … finally getting to ‘Bang’ Matt,” one fan boldly claimed.

Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield

It’s not the first time that Abbie has been accused of sleeping with Matt. She’s previously deflected these allegations by explaining that it’s “impossible” to have sex while on The Bachelor.

“We don’t even get a minute with Matt off camera,” Abbie stated. “And there’s always someone next to us.”

The property analyst also firmly spoke out to set the record straight when rumours emerged that she was pregnant with the Bachelor’s baby. “The allegations of my pregnancy with Matt during filming are false and unsubstantiated,” Abbie declared during a recent appearance on Studio 10.

“The images used as evidence merely encourage body shaming and assume that because my stomach is not completely flat that I must be pregnant,” Abbie continued.

Despite this, the baby bombshell, along with the rumours that Matt may have secretly slept with someone in the house, would have undoubtedly left Chelsie shaken.

Chelsie McLeod The Bachelor

Since accepting the final rose, the chemical engineer from Melbourne will have now seen the extent
of Matt’s physical connection with the other ladies – and in particular, Abbie, who might even see Chelsie having to watch back the intimate moments as a form of revenge.

It won’t have been easy to watch Abbie and Matt’s beach date, which fans have described as “soft porn”, as well as hearing Abbie tell Matt that she wanted to have sex with him.

Could it all be too much for Chelsie to get over? Despite Abbie denying the pregnancy rumours and that she slept with Matt, could having to deal with the false claims and the scandal they’ve caused push Chelsie to dump Matt?

Chelsie McLeod The Bachelor

Last week, as the finale aired, one newspaper reported that Chelsie had been attending secret “freedom parties” with ex-contestants, which are apparently in celebration of “no longer having to pretend to like Matt Agnew anymore”.

Meanwhile, it appears Matt may have ‘pulled a Honey Badger’ and fled overseas. Just one day out from the final episode airing, Matt shared an image of himself in Scotland.

The decision to flee is reminiscent of last year’s Bachelor, Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, who was on the Kokoda Trail and unreachable when the final episode went to air.

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