10 things you need to know about Matt Agnew

We reveal all about Australia’s new Bachelor!
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It’s official! Hunky Astrophysicist Matt Agnew has been announced as Australia’s new Bachelor.

So to mark the out of this world occasion, we’ve done some of our own stellar research on cyber space and put together a few fun facts about the show’s new leading man so you don’t have to.

Prepare to have your mind blown!

What is your real name? Matthew Agnew

How old are you? 31

What do you do for a living? PHD candidate Astrophysicist (a scientist who specialises in studying space, stars, planets and the universe).

matt agnew
Matt Agnew (Credit: Ten)

Where did you study? Swinburne University in Melbourne

Any siblings? One of four and parents have been married 30 years.

Why on earth would someone so smart want to be on a reality TV show? It may be an unorthodox way to meet someone but I think it’ll be a sensational experience,” he says.

Describe your dream girl: A genuine woman who enjoys having a laugh and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Describe yourself in three words? Spaceman, exoplanet hunter, ice cream enthusiast

Do aliens really exist? It’s a curious and sometimes frightening question to think about. Are we alone in our solar system? In our galaxy? In the entire universe?

Plans for the future? To use numerical techniques to search for dynamically stable planet candidates in the habitable zones of all known multiple planet systems.

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