Australia’s Got Talent – The terrifying act that received tonights Golden Buzzer!

This was hard to watch.
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“You don’t know what the edge is until you’ve walked across it”, is the words Captain Ruin live by, and while we commend his bravery, this legendary act was hard to look at.

He was the terrifying magician that had the audience screaming, and he has now gone through as judge Manu’s pick for the Australia’s Got Talent finale.

“For the semi’s I’ve created this really crazy new stunt”, Captain Ruin tells the camera, “influenced by my love of Looney Tunes cartoons”.

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If you were thinking this sounded ominous you’d be right, as the stunt involves a dropping piano.

“What I have here is a swinging knife target,” Captain Ruin begins.

“Behind the target is a balloon.

“If I miss, the balloon will pop, triggering this solenoid, which will release this guillotine, severing the rope holding up this three hundred kilogram piano directly above my head.” 

It’s here you can here gasping from the crowds, as the realisation that this trick relies on a lot of skill sets in. 

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“If it falls on me”, Captain Ruin continues, “I’ll almost certainly be crushed to death.”

“However, in our testing, we have determined that in-between the severing of the rope, and the piano crashing to the stage there is just one second.

“I will have exactly one second to get clear if anything should go wrong.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

The judges all hold each other as they watch Captain Ruin clear the first four throws.

But Captain Ruin’s not done yet.

The next target is much smaller and much faster, and Captain Ruin clears all of them yet again.

Then a teeny tiny target is brought out, which judge Nicole rightly points out is smaller than the balloon behind it.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

After one knife goes astray, the rest of the knives hit the target, to which Captain Ruin exclaims ‘I survived’, before demonstrating exactly what would have happened if the stunt had gone wrong – giving us the impression that there really is no tricks here.

“That for me is talent indeed”, exclaims the French chef, “I loved it!”

Then Manu asks: “If you’re able to do this now, what are you going to bring to the Grand Final?”

“I have something very exciting in mind, just for you Manu you’re going to love it!” Captain Ruin teases.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Then it comes to Joel: “Look when you were describing your act at first I was like ‘argh! Magic and stunts!’ Not my favourite thing.

“But then as the act went on I got more and more invested.

“I am interested in what you could do next.”

Joel then ends: “This goes against every fibre of my being but I do think you could be Australia’s winner”, before pressing the Golden Buzzer.

It looks like we’ll be seeing Captain Ruin at the Grand Final.

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