Australian Idol Winner Casey Donovan Reveals How She Became A “Recovering Sex Addict”

The star reveals how her sex addiction ruined her life.

We may not have heard much about season 2 Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan, however, she has recently graced the stage once again after opening up about her battle with sex addiction.

The problem followed her heartbreaking ordeal in which she was catfished by a woman pretending to be her boyfriend, which went on for six years.

“It was more or less to get away from that situation I was in, and it is such a confidence booster,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

Donovan had not meet her ‘boyfriend’ for years as excuses were constantly made about why they were unable to meet. They only spoke over the phone. When the truth was uncovered, the woman only known as ‘Olga’ forced Dovovan into having sex with her. She spoke about this ordeal and her addiction in her autobiography, ‘Big, Beautiful and Sexy’.


“When you’re emotionally disconnected from the situation, it can get really dangerous because you burn and churn, and with technology at your fingertips it’s just too easy — it’s like ordering a pizza,” she said.

While recovering, Dovovan has tried her luck in musical theatre. She has joined the cast of We Will Rock You as Killer Queen in the new musical, which is currently playing at The Sydney Lyric Theatre. 

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