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Terri Irwin wanted to throw her granddaughter a huge party at Australia Zoo

But Bindi said no…
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While it might not have been her party, Terri Irwin can still cry if she wants to – and sob she did!

Sources tell New Idea that the grandmother couldn’t help being a little disappointed when her daughter, Bindi, and son-in-law Chandler Powell celebrated their daughter Grace’s second birthday on March 25 with a fun shindig in the US while visiting Chandler’s American family.

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We’re told Terri, 58, would have instead preferred a big celebration back home at Australia Zoo.

While Terri and son Robert joined Bindi and her family abroad for the festivities – and our source confirms they all had “a wonderful time” – she still made it clear that if the party planning had been left to her, she would have staged an Irwin family gathering at the Crocoseum with mountains of cake, and possibly even a concert featuring a performance by The Wiggles!

“Terri was keen to host a big birthday bash at Australia Zoo, with Grace, who is simply divine, as the centre of attention,” a source tells New Idea.

grace warrior
Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace just celebrated her 2nd birthday; but not the way Terri wanted her to… (Credit: Instagram)

“Event days celebrating family birthdays always do well at the ticket booth, and Grace is their cutest attraction yet,” the source adds.

However, the insider divulges that Bindi, 24, and Chandler, 26, “politely put their feet down”.

In the end, Australia Zoo did do “something small” but nothing quite on the scale Terri had wanted.

“Aside from it being super fun for Grace, Terri felt it also would be great for the zoo’s bottom line,” the source adds.

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With Grace getting bigger every day, Bindi and Chandler have stated their intention of “splitting their time between Australia and America”. As an American expat herself, this is something Terri understands all too well.

“But as Grace blew out her candles, [Terri] couldn’t help but be a little wistful about how nice it would have been if Grace had done this at the zoo in front of all their fans.”

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