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What the cabbie heard: Is Peter Stefanovic and Sylvia’s marriage on the rocks?

Exclusive to New Idea.

New Idea can exclusively reveal what Peter Stefanovic reportedly said about his relationship with wife Sylvia Jeffreys during a car trip conversation in Sydney. 

Speaking in his only interview, the driver who overheard a fiery 45-minute conversation between Karl and his brother Peter has shared his story.

‘It was Pete and his wife Sylvie who jumped into my cab late one night,’ says the driver in an exclusive interview with New Idea. ‘He called Karl and told him straight away he was in a cab and that he was on speaker phone so they were all aware I was there and could hear everything.’

The taxi driver noted that Peter seemed to be intoxicated and his wife Sylvia didn’t join in on the brother’s long-winded whinge. During the journey, news presenter Peter also had a go at his unwitting colleagues –  slamming news stalwart Mark Burrows for looking down on him and whining that he hated his job so much that he often takes it out on wife Sylvia.

That alleged comment will increase speculation about the state of the couple’s marriage.

The driver says that it was only near the end of the conversation that the brothers eventually let up on their bitter rampage of who’s who on television to compare themselves to international superstar brothers Oasis. 


‘Pete wanted Karl to watch the doco Supersonic because of a similar estranged relationship they had with their father who tried to get in touch after they became rich and famous,’ says the driver. 

Explaining that he never called the media but that some days later that he told an old friend about the now infamous trip with his famous passengers, and that she had been keen to spread the word.

‘The next thing I know is that everyone was trying to find out what was being said. Who was being named. How bad it was,’ he says. ‘I had no idea any of it was that interesting.’

Despite recent widespread reports claiming the driver recorded the TV brothers’ bombshell conversation, he has vehemently denied this saying: ‘I don’t have a dash-cam … I don’t even know how to record something on my phone.

‘I actually wanted them to end the call, the complaining just went on and on and I needed a drink myself,’ he says.

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