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MAFS’ Melissa Rawson opens up about choosing between her career and her kids: “I choose them”

Liss is a stay at home mum to her two-year-old boys.

Married At First Sight’s Melissa Rawson has recently opened up about a very common dilemma in motherhood – having to choose between your career and your family.

When Melissa and her husband Bryce Ruthven welcomed their twins Levi and Tate in 2021, Liss put her career on hold to raise them. The season eight bride, 35, is a “stay at home mum” to her two-year-old boys, however, this wasn’t what she originally wanted…

melissa rawson instagram post playing with her kids in the front yard
(Credit: Instagram)

In June 2024, Liss shared a video her and her young boys playing outside their Melbourne home with a message that read “having to choose between my career and my babies.” In the comments section, she revealed that she “didn’t choose or want to be a SAHM [stay at home mum].”

“I’m a better Mother when I’m working (reasonable hours) to provide for our family and for my own sanity mainly,” she continued.

“I enjoyed working. I had to make a choice because I couldn’t commit to ‘standard working hours’ every day in an office an hour away from home.

“A Father has a choice too, to be a SAHD [stay at home dad] or to work. As does a Mother. It’s a partnership. Some partnerships are still tethered to old school ways x.”

melissa rawson and bryce ruthven hold their newborn babies levi and tate as they are dressed in christmas pyjamas
Levi and Tate were so tiny! (Credit: Instagram)

Melissa regularly gets candid about motherhood when she posts to her social media accounts and her followers often relate to her admissions.

“A choice you will never regret! A new career will present itself, you will never get this time with your gorgeous boys again – enjoy xox,” one fan commented.

“I can so relate I’m a better mum when working reasonable hours too. Thank you for sharing this ❤️,” another said.

The mother-of-two also has her own personal blog called Her Second Shift where she discusses all things motherhood.

At the start of 2024, Liss made a post discussing sleep deprivation and how it made her “not want to be a Mum.

“I once didn’t sleep for 40 hours straight,” she wrote. “There is no way to mentally or physically prepare for those sleepless nights.”

bryce and melissa sit with their two young boys as they pose in front of their bluey inspired birthday cakes
Bryce and Melissa love to share insight into their family life. (Credit: Instagram)

The MAFS star is open and understanding of the hardships of parenting, however, it’s fair to say she has had a significantly difficult time as a parent.

Levi and Tate were born almost 10 weeks prematurely, and spent around two months in hospital when they first arrived. However, the twins recovered well and have grown into happy and healthy young boys.

You can read all about Melissa and Bryce’s parenting journey here.

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