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A Wiggles star and babies on the way: Here’s where Justice Crew are now

A lot has changed in the past decade.
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When they won Australia’s Got Talent back in 2010, Justice Crew had a total of nine members.

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Over the years, the group’s main members started to dwindle down to just four, with John Pearce, his twin Lenny Pearce, Lukas Bellesini and Paulie Merciadez currently at the forefront of the group.

In 2017, their fifth core member, DJ Solo, stepped back for a more behind-the-scenes type of role with the group, as he switched his focus on his career as a producer.

Others who were in the original group a decade ago include Kid Taz, Scrap, E-Man and more recently, Samson Smith, who still appears to be involved with the group.

So, what have the Justice Crew members, both current and previous, been up to these days? We take a look.

john pearce the wiggles
John Pearce. (Credit: Instagram)

John Pearce

As one of the core members of Justice Crew, John Pearce also became the second Purple Wiggle on Fruit Salad TV earlier this year.

“So excited to be apart of this 😱😁thanks so much @thewiggles @anthony_wiggle for welcoming me into the wiggles family,” he announced on Instagram.

The 30-year-old is one of four new Wiggles members brought in to improve diversity and gender equality in the group, where he’ll be able to put all his performance skills to good use.

As for when he’s not wearing the purple skivvy, John joins the other Justice Crew members to perform together at various gigs, and they also regularly post hilarious clips to their TikTok.

Lenny Pearce. (Credit: Instagram)

Lenny Pearce

Lenny Pearce, not to be confused with his twin brother John, works as a DJ and producer, and recently launched his new project Rumor.

Since launching in March this year, Lenny has been releasing music as an independent artist alongside James Sun, and the pair have had plenty to celebrate.

“Can’t believe it! We’ve clocked 1 Million streams across all platforms for our Debut single ‘Let Me Go’  Thanks to all our supporters and fans! Much love,” they shared to Instagram this month.

Lukas Bellesini
Lukas Bellesini. (Credit: Instagram)

Lukas ‘Wildrok’ Bellesini

In very exciting news, Lukas Bellesini, 30, recently announced that he and his partner Kiara Reynolds are expecting their first child together!

Announcing the news on their 10th anniversary, the couple were overjoyed to reveal that they’ll soon be parents together, where Lukas penned on Instagram:

“I cannot imagine life without you and I thank you for every day we’ve spent together and every phone call made while I was away from home. I love you so much bub, Happy 10th anniversary… here’s to the next decade!”

“And to top off the celebration we’d like to announce to you all that we’re expecting to start our family with the arrival of our first born in April 2022!!” the singer and dancer added.

Paulie Merciadez
Paulie Merciadez. (Credit: Instagram)

Paulie Merciadez

A quick scroll through Paulie Merciadez’s Instagram and you’ll notice right away that this Justice Crew star is all about his health and fitness.

Constantly posting impressive videos of his workouts, the 31-year-old also uses his platform to spread inspiring messages to his 29.8k followers.

“I haven’t been feeling great, so it wasn’t planned but sometimes you just gotta listen to your body,” he said on Instagram, along with a video of him working out.

“Other times just gotta get it done, because there is no “right time” in my opinion, so why wait for it?”

samson smith
Samson Smith. (Credit: Instagram)

Samson Smith

Over the past few years, Samson Smith has been running his very own dance studio, Base 181 Studios, which he opened back in 2016.

The studio offers a range of classes to teach young kids all about Hip Hop, Breaking and performing – and Samson will soon be busy teaching his own little baby about all things dance, as the 34-year-old recently announced that he and his partner Chantal Maria are expecting!

“With all the love over my socials I just want to thank you all for spending the time to send through your birthday wishes. I appreciate each & every one of you,” he penned on his birthday in July.

“One of the amazing gifts I can share with you all. Chantal & I are having our first baby. 😱 wooooohhhhhh 🎉 🎉 🎉”

solo tohi
Solo Tohi. (Credit: Getty)

Solo Tohi

Releasing music under his title i.amsolo, Solo Tohi has collaborated with a number of names in Australia, including Western Sydney’s drill and rap group ONEFOUR.

Solo has been releasing music for over two years now under the genre of contemporary R&B, and recently took to Instagram to thank fans for their support.

“The LOVE for my debut EP“i” Has been unreal it really does mean a lot especially for the ones who know me,” he shared.

“And thank you to the ones who helped me behind the scenes I appreciate it more than anything! Foreals thank you for lifting this body of work off the ground.”

Anastasios Tass Repousis
Anastasios Repousis. (Credit: Instagram)

Kid Taz

Since leaving Justice Crew back in 2011 to pursue other goals, Anastasios Tass Repousis, or Kid Taz as he went by, has kept a relatively low profile.

The artist appears to have danced his way into theatre, but has also taken on a career in writing, where he recently opened up on Facebook about his career change.

“From teaching to theatre to winning a TV show, my experience as a dancer is a juggernaut of achievement,” he shared.

“That said, it has always felt like walking on a tightrope, and a career change at my age is one hell of an endeavour,” he added, before revealing that he has always had an interest in story telling.

omar scrap kamara
Omar Kamara. (Credit: Facebook)


Omar Kamara left the group the same year as Anastasios to pursue a solo career as a hip hop producer under the name Scrap.

Not much is known about what he’s up to now, as he doesn’t appear to be active on social media.

Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez. (Credit: Instagram)


Since leaving Justice Crew in 2014, Emmanuel Rodriguez, or E-Man as he was known, has gone on to welcome four kids with his fiancee Pania Taku.

The couple recently announced the arrival of their baby girl Willow, who was born on June 5 this year.

“Mum, Dad, Bronx, Khai & Mya Rose are beyond in love with your sweet little face,” Emmanuel penned on Instagram.

“Welcome to your tribe, You will always find your home where ever we are. Your blood lines the Taku’s & Rodriguez’s are blessed & just as in love.”

Emmanuel and Pania also own their own Hip Hop Dance Academy called Doves & Dimes Dance Academy.

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