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Claudia Karvan steps out with new man, Dave Galafassi

The surf's up... and so is the temperature as this pair make a splash!
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Claudia Karvan sure knows how to catch a wave… and make them, too! The actress sent tongues wagging when she was spied surfing with Dave Galafassi – aka Toni Collette’s ex-husband – at Sydney’s Bondi Beach last week.

At one point the pair even shared a kiss in the water, before showering off on the busy esplanade.

“They seemed happy together, and not bothered by anyone seeing them,” tells an onlooker.

The actress, 51, and the musician, 45, also arrived at and left the beach together.

claudia karvan dave galafass
Surf’s up! Dave and Claudia take on the waves. (Credit: Backgrid)
claudia karvan
The pair were seen kissing between waves. (Credit: Backgrid)

Dave and Toni announced their divorce late last year after almost 20 years of marriage and two kids, when pictures of him kissing another woman at a Sydney beach surfaced. The couple revealed there had been “a substantial period of separation”.

The couple said their children would be their top priority following the split.

“Our kids are of paramount importance to us and we will continue to thrive as a family, albeit a different shape,” they wrote in a joint statement on Instagram.

Dave and Toni in 2007. (Credit: Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Claudia split from her partner, Jeremy Sparks, in 2017 after 22 years. They also have two children together.

“The best way of really looking at it is you both grow,” Jeremy told the ABC for The Secret Life of Claudia Karvan. “Claud certainly grew a lot, as did I, and in that we probably grew apart. It was a choice that Claud made and she made a really good call for us both.”

“I think we navigated it extremely well,”  Claudia told the ABC. “It wasn’t easy but we all get on very well.”

“I don’t think I went through what other people would say was a divorce or a normal split whatsoever,” says daughter Audrey. “We’ve had family Christmases all together since the year they split.”

claudia jeremy sparks
Claudia and Jeremy remain close since their split. (Credit: Getty Images)

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