Andy Lee shares the full story behind his proposal to Rebecca Harding

The proposal paid homage to how they first met.
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After 10 years of dating, Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding announced they were engaged via the Listnr Hamish & Andy podcast in May 2024.

“I asked Bec to marry me on Sunday,” the comedian said, revealing that the proposal itself paid homage to how the couple first met.

“I stayed on one knee and I gave her another napkin – because when I first met her at the café, I wrote on a napkin my details – and I gave her another napkin,” he said.

The other half of the comedy duo, Hamish Blake, 42, confessed that he and his wife, Go-To entrepreneur Zoë Foster-Blake, 43, cried with joy following the happy news.

Now, Andy, 43, has spilled more details on his proposal to Bec, 34.

Andy and Bec are engaged! (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking on The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick, the Aussie comedian elaborated on his random napkin proposal. “Well, I’d waited for 10 years for Bec to propose, and I thought, ‘Bloody hell… I’m just going to have to do it’,” he said.

“I proposed with a napkin. So, when I first met Bec, in a café, she was a waitress, and she was busy… I left my email address [on the napkin], which she didn’t like, but I just said, ‘If you have a boyfriend, just tell him that I’m using you to get to him. I bet he’s handsome.’

“So, in the morning, I’d actually gone back to the same café, gotten a napkin again, and I had written, ‘If you’ve got a husband, just tell him that I’m using you to get to him. I bet he’s handsome.’ And, I proposed with the napkin, which she loved.

“The hard thing is most people went, ‘About bloody time.’ There was no congratulations, just yelling and [asking] ‘Why didn’t you do it earlier?'”

Andy and Bec met in a Melbourne cafe, where the latter was working as a waitress. (Credit: Instagram)

When they first announced the engagement, the happy couple also shared the news via Instagram, sharing photos of the dazzling ring.

“People keep saying we’ve rushed into this but we don’t care what people say! 💍” the couple quipped.

Andy and Bec were inundated with messages of congratulations from recognisable faces.

Sophie Monk penned: “This is the best news ever! Congratulations 😍.”

Sunrise’s Sam Mac added: “Didn’t you guys just meet? Wow, that was fast 🏃 Huge congratulations nonetheless 🤍.”

They have been dating for 10 years. (Credit: Instagram)

How did Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding meet?

Andy and Bec first met in a Melbourne café where the latter was working as a waitress at the time. While the podcast host has said that Bec was a “terrible waitress”, he fell for the “way she was chatting to people”.

“I sat there for a long time watching her, which is probably weird in hindsight,” he told The Australian Women’s Weekly

“I ordered just about everything on the menu so I could stay there longer,” he continued. “She got so excited chatting to the customers that she knew what their children were studying at university and where they’d been on holiday, but totally forgot what they’d just ordered.”

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