Sam Mac steps back from Sunrise: “I’m doing this for Margot”

The fan favourite weatherman is loving being a father!
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Sam McMillan is hoping for sunny days ahead, as he takes an extended break from Sunrise to care for his adorable one-year-old daughter Margot full-time.

WATCH NOW: Sam Mac sings ‘My Girl’ to daughter Margot. Article continues after video. 

“She absolutely loves the park right now,” the popular weatherman tells New Idea.

“I’m hoping we can spend lots of time at the playground, Taronga Zoo, and Sydney Aquarium.”

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Sam, 42, will be off-air for a month from November 6 while taking paternity leave.

His partner, Rebecca James, 35, is returning to work as a stylist and creative consultant.

Bec and Sam are besotted with their adorable girl! (Credit: New Idea)

“I’m so grateful this opportunity is there for dads,” adds Sam.

“Sunrise has been so supportive of me taking this time and it means Bec can properly dedicate herself to easing back into work.”

Katie Brown will be on weather duties in Sam’s absence.

All smiles for his baby girl. (Credit: New Idea)

Spending quality time with his Very Hungry Caterpillar – loving little girl is Sam’s top priority.

“I have worried about being one of those parents who are too busy with work to fully experience all the milestones with my child,” the hands-on dad explains.

“I absolutely love my job, but I am often away from home. I’m already noticing what I miss in Margot’s development.

“I can’t wait to just be at home with her while she tries a new food, or learns a new word.”

Sam is looking forward to a month of paternity leave. (Credit: New Idea)

Sam is also looking forward to turning off his 3.30 a.m. alarm!

“Margot sleeps until 6.30 am,” he says.

“So I’ll get to enjoy a few sleep-ins too. I know it won’t be a holiday – but I can’t wait to be a stay-at-home dad!”

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