Sam Mac reveals adorable pet name for fiancee Rebecca James

The pair became engaged in December 2023.
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Sam Mac has made a candid admission about his relationship during a rapid-fire on-air quiz during a live weather cross on Sunrise

Being forced to admit his secret pet name for fiancee Rebecca James whilst reporting from Western Sydney, the weatherman revealed he called his love “boo” but didn’t know why that sweet nickname had stuck.

“It’s Boo, I don’t know why, I’ll hand out the vomit bucket in a second,” he joked.

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The frank revelation comes just weeks after Sam shared a video to his Instagram of how he proposed to Rebecca in December 2023. 

Sam laid down 15 framed photos in the shape of a love heart in the park with beautiful views of Sydney Harbour in the background. He got down on one knee and asked for Rebecca’s hand in marriage.

In the caption, Sam provided a more detailed explanation of the proposal. 

Family. I knew that was the key to the perfect proposal for Bec,” he wrote. 

“I asked her parents Phil & Celia for permission a few months ago ✅ In that time I found the ring & planned this moment. I’ve never been so nervous in my life 😳.

“Bec’s parents watched on from a distance as I strategically placed 15 framed photos on the grass in the shape of a love heart (Bec kept picking them up, so if the heart looks crooked, it was entirely her fault 🙄).

“Each photo represented a different phase of our love story. Our song “Beyond” by Leon Bridges was playing as I told her I was in love with every version of her & asked her to be my Wife. She said yes 🍾.”

Sam shared the happy news of their engagement to Instagram on December 30, 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

Sam originally shared an Instagram post revealing their exciting news on December 30.

“Ladies & gentlemen, my fiancé! She said yes 💍,” he wrote.

“My secret 2023 New Year’s resolution was to propose to my darling Rebecca sometime this year….So I guess this is what you’d call a “buzzer beater” 🏀.

“She’s calm, strong & unintentionally funny. She’s super smart & a genuine knockout beauty. She makes me a better man.”

Sam even went on to share the details of his proposal…

“Earlier this morning in front of her parents & brother… I told her I’m in love with every version of her & asked her to be mine forever, she said yes,” he wrote.

“There were tears, laughter & a Ghillie suit…but that’s a story for another day 🌳.”

“It’s only been 8 hours but I’ve already referred to her as “MY FIANCÉ” 74 times. It’s loud, proud, & borderline obnoxious, but it feels right. Thank you @rebeccajames_stylist for bringing the magic to my life, now let’s plan a wedding!”

Sam Insta launched his relationship with Rebecca in March 2021. (Credit: Instagram)

Since the birth of their gorgeous baby Margot in September 2022, Sam and Rebecca have been all about their precious girl… but also about each other.

Sam and Rebecca were originally friends before they both realised their feelings had grown into something more.

In March 2021, the weatherman officially took to Instagram to introduce Bec as his girlfriend.

“This is Bec. We were introduced on insta last year via our mutual friend @brookiechook,” Sam wrote, before explaining that Bec was located in Melbourne, while he was in Sydney, meaning pandemic-induced border restrictions prevented them from any in-person catch-ups. 

“Here’s where it gets cool,” he continued. “We very quickly struck up a great friendship. Insta chats, phone calls, Friday zoom drinks, we spoke every single day for almost 6 months! So when restrictions eased late last year, we could finally meet in person.

“By this stage, I felt like I knew everything about her…except if she was interested in being more than friends 🤷🏽‍♂‍.”

“She makes me so happy.” (Credit: Instagram)

Luckily for Sam, his feelings were reciprocated. And the weatherman revealed it was “surreal” to finally have dinner in person as they “knew each other so well, but also not at all”.

“She makes me so happy & I’m absolutely delighted to share her with you guys,” Sam ended the gushing post.

Since making their relationship official, Sam and Bec have already shared many a milestone, including Bec relocating from Melbourne to Sydney to be with the Sunrise presenter.

Early into their relationship, Sam told PerthNow that the couple was trying to strike that balance between work and personal life.

Sam and Bec own a house together in Sydney. (Credit: Instagram)

“Whenever we have spare time, it’s together,” he said.

“Fingers crossed that in the next few months she might move up to Sydney. That is what I would love to see happen, but obviously I don’t want to put too much pressure on her.”

Sam’s prayers were fortunately answered when Bec uprooted from Melbourne, and the pair ended up purchasing a property together in Sydney. 

“We bought a bloody house! In Sydney!” Sam wrote on Instagram. “Already drinking our way through the pain as we calculate the stamp duty.”

“Looks like I’m trapped with this guy now 🙄,” Bec joked on her own Insta when announcing the news. “Officially home owners ❤️🏡 @sammacinsta.”

Sam was ecstatic to become a dad! (Credit: Instagram)

In April 2022, Sam announced that the pair were expecting their first baby together on Instagram.

The weatherman shared a photo of himself beaming next to Bec as she held up an image of his face on a phone over her stomach.

“Wowsers! Mini Mac coming soon & Bec just can’t wipe the joy off her face,” he wrote on Instagram, followed by #DaddyMac.

Soon-to-be-mum Bec shared a similar photo to her own profile, writing: “Well this escalated. See you in September baby Mac.”

Sam was overcome with emotion over the birth of his bub. (Credit: Instagram)

Sam later posted an emotional video showing him kneeling beside his baby crying as she soundly sleeps.

“Yep. This is about all I’ve got today,” he wrote. “Best day of my life. Margot.”

The pair revealed their baby girl on social media. (Credit: Instagram)

Fast forward to September 11, 2022, and the pair announced the birth of their beautiful baby girl, with Sam revealing they’d named her Margot Grace McMillan.

The thrilled new dad penned: “This is a love I never even knew existed. I’m overwhelmed & still processing it all right now. My girls. Wow.”

“@rebeccajames_stylist was (& is) a warrior. I will never forget what she endured over the past nine months, & particularly the past few days for our little family. Unbelievable strength. What a woman 🙌🏼 There will be a separate post about that soon.”

Date night! (Credit: Instagram)

Sam and Bec make sure to go on date nights and make time for their relationship.

In October 2022, Sam shared a gorgeous photo of the two with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Sam wrote, “Mum & Dad gon’ wild 😳 I know ladies love a #BadBoy so here’s official evidence I was out past 9pm on a school night 😎 Am I Miley Cyrus? Because I simply can’t be tamed ⚠️ You’re welcs @rebeccajames_stylist.”

The trio took a wholesome family trip. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple love to incorporate little Margot into their lives…

In November 2022, Sam and Bec took Margot on a trip with them to Victoria.

“We trio’d down the Great Ocean Road last week 🌊 ❤️,” Bec wrote on her post.

A heartfelt love letter to Rebecca. (Credit: Instagram)

In January 2023, Sam shared a tear-jerking video to Instagram of him reading a love letter to Bec that he had written to be part of his friends book,  Love Letter by Samuel Johnson. 

“I’ve said most of these things to (Rebecca) in private, but it’s nice to have it in a book that our Margot can look back on one day,” Sam wrote in his Instagram caption.

In the video, Sam filmed himself reading his love letter to Rebecca, who quickly became emotional. He described Rebecca’s labour, reading, “You kept pushing and pushing and pushing.”

“Using just our eyes to communicate, we found a language only we understood.

“There may have been other people, other voices in that delivery room, but gradually they faded away.

“It was just you and me and the unspoken connection.”

Rebecca was wiping tears away from her eyes at this point, but Sam continued.

“I wondered how on earth you could possess such a high pain threshold, but then I remembered you’d endured two years in a relationship with me.

“You were calm, strong and determined.

“You put your body on the line for our little family and it’s something I will never forget.

“I fell in love with you another 100 times that night.

“And even though this is a letter to you, I’ll be cc-ing Margot, because one day I want her to read it and learn all about her fearless mumma.”

Croissants in Venice! (Credit: Instagram)

The family also took a trip to Venice, Italy in May 2023.

Bec shared these adorable photos from the trip of them enjoying a tasty croissant in the streets of Venice!

Rebecca’s first Mother’s Day. (Credit: Instagram)

Both Sam and Bec clearly admire each other as parents, making their love for one another deepen even more!

On Mother’s Day 2023, Sam shared this gorgeous picture of Bec and baby Margot on a rooftop in Italy. 

“Happy first Mothers Day to my darling @rebeccajames_stylist 🤍,” he wrote.

“Watching you, my lover & best friend become ‘Mum’ has been the magical icing on the Margot cake.

“Strong, funny, present, passionate, creative, reliable. You give Margot the best of you every single day & night. Nobody else could sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ with such gusto at three in the morning. & then proceed to perform 27 encores until she falls asleep 🙌🏼.

“You are admired. You are appreciated. You are one HOT MUMMA 🔥.”

Sam’s first Father’s Day. (Credit: Instagram)

Bec shared the same amount of love and appreciation for Sam on his special day.

On Father’s Day 2023, Bec shared some super cute photos of Sam and Margot.

“Happy 1st Fathers Day to our superhero, our bear cuddler, our book reader, our Sou chef, our giggle maker, our lead dancer, our swing pusher, our bath splasher, our guitar player, our protector, our hard worker and our burst of sunshine 🦸‍♂️☀️,” she wrote. 

“My darling, I have loved watching you and Margot grow together and create your own love language for one another.

“You are present for us 110% of the time and give every piece of energy to your family even when you’re on the road.

“Keep hurrying home to us. We love you so much @sammacinsta ❤️❤️.”

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