Allison Langdon’s cheeky Today Show blunder goes global

The hilarious gaffe aired on James Corden's Late, Late Show.
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A hilariously unfortunate mispronunciation made by the Today Show‘s Allison Langdon has caused such a stir that it’s now made its way onto James Corden’s Late, Late Show.

WATCH: Ally Langdon’s cheeky Today Show blunder goes global

The hilarious clip aired on the Aussie breakfast show last week in a segment that saw Ally and Karl interview two gardening experts about proper lawn care.

“I want to ask, because my cooch is dying,” Ally casually asked the experts, as Karl stifled his laughter over her bizarre pronunciation of “couch”.

“My cooch is dying” (Credit: Nine)

“What have you been doing to it, if it’s died?” one of the gardening experts asked as Karl buried his head in his hands.

“Well, the dog pees all over it …” said Ally.

“Try and keep the dog off it, and you’ll probably see results,” said the gardener, as Karl began hysterically laughing.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with my co-host,” an unperturbed Ally added.

Karl couldn’t keep it together. (Credit: Nine)

Joining in on the joke, the gardener told Ally not to worry too much because the “cooch has got really good wear and tear tolerance, so it can recover quickly”.

Still struggling to compose himself, Karl added, “This is possibly the best segment ever. We’ll have more after the break – if we’re still on air”.

“I still don’t understand,” shrugged Ally.

The clip soon gained traction on YouTube, and it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of US talk show host James Corden.

The clip made its way to the Late, Late Show. (Credit: Getty)

“An Australian TV host had an accidental slip-up while discussing lawn maintenance live on the air,” James told viewers before airing the clip.

“Everyone needs to grow up, OK? She’s just talking about trimming her grass down under,” he joked.

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