Abbie Chatfield told her “obsession” was ruining the Masked Singer

She was doing her job too well
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Being a judge on The Masked Singer must be an incredibly fun and frustrating gig. 

Having to follow all the clues to suss out who a performer is like some kind of musical detective – it’s incredible stuff.

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But one judge was told she was doing her job a little too well and that she needed to drop her “obsession” as it was ruining the show. 

Appearing on Channel 10’s The Cheap Seats on Tuesday night Abbie Chatfield revealed she’d developed a sure-fire way to figure out who was under the mask.

The judges
Abbie appears on the judging panel of the Masked Singer (Credit: Channel 10)

“I was like, I know how tall Osher is, and I’m going to work back from there – and I was usually right,” Abbie said.

It’s genius! But some squares at the network didn’t appreciate Abbie’s hard work.

“I was told I was height-obsessed and to stop obsessing over heights because it was ruining the fantasy and that it could be someone else,” she revealed.

We’ve seen Abbie use this technique before, when she thought the Mirrorball was American singer Christina Milian.

“She’s like very short, 137 centimetres. I googled it!” Abbie declared.

Unfortunately she was incorrect. 

The Mirrorball was not Christina Milian
The Mirrorball was not Christina Milian (Credit: Channel 10)

The setback hasn’t stopped Abbie, who gave a bit of insight as to where she finds all the details about the possible contestants. 

“I’m on the gossip sites babe. I was scrolling through Wikipedia. I’m trying to find any Reddit threads about anyone. I am deep diving.”

Abbie also revealed that she apologised to one contestant when she realised she’d been flirting with a taken man.

“Jamie Durie is engaged with a child, so I did apologise to him and his partner,” she said.

“I’m sorry for so overtly flirting with a purple tiger.”

Abbie apologised to Jamie Durie
Abbie apologised to Jamie Durie (Credit: Channel 10)

While we continue to enjoy Abbie as a panellist, she already knows exactly what character she’d be if she was ever invited to compete: a big ball of cheese.

“I feel like burrata because it would hide my big boobs,” she joked.

“I’d want one number to be me squeezing myself and [cheese] would just spurt out the top.”


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