Entitled bride keeps $30k wedding donations despite cancelling wedding

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An entitled bride in the US has kept $30,000 donated to her for her upcoming winter wedding, despite cancelling the lavish event. 

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The arrogant bride has been shamed in an online forum, after she posted the unusual announcement to her Facebook page. 

“Hi invitees to the [blanked out] wedding,” the bride began in her post. 

“After much reflection and tear filled conversation with our closest family members, we have decided to cancel our upcoming winter wedding. We will further notify this group when we are in a better place to reschedule,” she stated. 

So far, so normal… 

That was until the entitled bride announced that despite the cancellation, she wouldn’t be refunding any of the $30,000-plus that had been donated to make their big day a success. 

“We thank each and every one of you for your generous early donations to our money fund. Can you believe we have raised over $30,000??? Unbelievable!!”

Thankfully, she told those who’d donated, the money was going to a good home…

“Don’t worry, the money you’ve donated will not be spent in vain but rather used towards a honeymoon in the coming months.

“After we regain financial stability and hold calm in our hearts after a honeymoon we will announce a new wedding date and re open our money fund for further gifts.

And just to twist the knife even more, she added: “Weddings are expensive!”

Weddings are expensive! (Credit: Getty)

The bride went on to praise her friends and family for their donations, and let them know what a great time her and her husband-to-be would have spending it. 

“We are blessed to have generous family members who gave us these large donations,” she said. 

“It will help offset honeymoon costs and to scale to an even better future wedding. We really couldn’t have made it this far without you.

“Please stay tuned!”

crazy bride

But she didn’t stop there, as the greedy bride asked for more gifts from her pals.

“In the meantime I’ll be updating our gift fund registry with Amazon if anyone would like to gift us something to take on honeymoon.

“If you have any ideas on where we can go, please PM me or Edward!”

And then, yet again, she begged for even more donations towards the cancelled wedding. 

“As mentioned, we will keep you updated when we are re opening our money fund and have a new wedding date that works. 

“Don’t be too sad, the new wedding is gonna be a HIT,” she said. 

Before finally signing off her post: “Love you, Pam.”

crazy bride

Understandably, the wedding guests were far from pleased at the bride’s shock announcement, and took to the comments section to vent their anger. 

“Is this a f***ing joke???? After raking in $30k you decide to be greedy and use it all for yourselves,” said a family member of the groom. 

While one of the bride’s friends also thought that Pam must have been joking. 

“Pam, what did I tell you about day drinking,” she quipped. 

Adding: “In all seriousness, is the wedding really cancelled? I’ve already gotten the time off for December 1 which is less than a month away.”

“Alight. Step the f*** back. WHAT?” said another friend of the bride.

And then bridezilla Pam decided to take back control of the comments. 

“All, please calm down,” she said. 

“You’re making me feel very attacked and hanged up on. 

“You chose to DONATE to ME,” she said, seemingly of the impression her guests had given her the money and she could do what she wanted with it. 

“If I want to use the money, who cares how? 

“I told you the wedding is getting rescheduled, not cancelled,” she said. 

We bet there’ll be something other than confetti thrown at this bride and groom if their wedding does ever actually materialise!

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