Best Compact Clothes Dryer for small households

Make the most of smaller spaces.
compact clothes dryer

Whether you live alone, with one other person, or simply live in a small home or apartment, chances are you don’t need a full-sized clothes dryer or don’t have the space for it! Necessary household items such as washing machines, dishwashers, and fridges take up a lot of space, so it’s important to consider how to maximise your space where possible. That’s where compact clothes dryers come in…

The main difference between compact and regular clothes dryers is their size. Compact clothes dryers have a much smaller drum than a regular dryer, typically ranging from four to five cubic feet in comparison to a standard dryer which ranges from seven to nine cubic feet. Compact clothes dryers are not only smaller but also much cheaper and are a much smarter option if you don’t tend to use your dryer very often. We have done the work for you and searched for the best compact clothes dryers on the market… keep scrolling to discover our top picks.

2024’s Top 3 Compact Clothes Dryers

  1. Westinghouse 4.5kg Vented Dryer, $347, The Good Guys
  2. Solt 4.5kg Vented Dryer, $245, The Good Guys
  3. 600W Portable Clothes Dryer, $189.99, Amazon

The Best Compact Clothes Dryers 2024

white westinghouse dryer


Westinghouse 4.5kg Vented Dryer

from $347 at The Good Guys

Best for: Household with one or two people but use a dryer regularly.

Perfect for small homes or apartments and households with only one or two people living there, this 4.5kg vented clothes dryer is best for small laundry loads. The 1.5-star energy rating helps minimise energy use while the small size and included wall mounting kit allows the dryer to mount on any wall and maximise space in tight areas. The clothes dryer has a reverse tumbling action that alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise so your clothes dry more evenly… it also has an auto cool down feature which reduces clothes’ creasing. On top of this, the Westinghouse clothes dryer ensures it can suit any home with a flexible venting option that allows you to choose whether you want a front or rear vent. Other features include time drying and warm/hot setting. Overall, 94 per cent of reviewers recommend this product and of the 640 reviews on The Good Guys, the dryer has an impressive 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

Size: W600mm x D520mm x H795mm | Colour: White | Material: Painted Galvanized Steel

Key features:

  • Front lint filter.
  • Time drying.
  • Front or rear venting.
  • Child safety lock door.
  • Wall mounting kit included.

Available at:



Devanti Tumble Dryer 5kg Fully Auto

from $320.05 at Kogan

Best for: Household with one or two people but use a dryer regularly.

This Devanti Tumble Dryer does a great job at delivering perfectly dried and fresher laundry every time. The digital control panel is very easy to use, however, it does not allow for any customisations. The dryer features an intelligent humidity sensor that detects the dampness of the clothes and turns the dryer off automatically once the drying is done. There are only two settings on top of the standard drying mode: airing and delicates. Airing mode allows you to air your dry clean clothes or clothes that have been in storage for a while, and the delicates mode is for drying garments made from delicate fabrics. The dryer has a 2.5-star energy rating and a one-year warranty if anything goes wrong. It also comes with a wall mounting kit if you choose to install the dryer that way, if not, the legs attached to the dryer allow you to place it wherever you find fitting in your home.

Size: W490mm x D600mm x H690mm | Colours: White, Silver | Material: Stainless Steel

Key features:

  • Digital control panel.
  • Delicates mode.
  • Cool air-dry function.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Child-lock function.
  • Wall mounting kit included.

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white solt clothes dryer


Solt 4.5kg Vented Dryer

from $245 at The Good Guys

Best for: Small households on a budget.

Solt’s 4.5kg Vented Dryer is one of the cheapest yet most highly rated compact clothes dryers on the market. The vented design efficiently removes all moisture while the stainless steel drum prevents wrinkles in your garments. You can customise your cycles to suit your various fabrics with the three drying modes; heat, air, and cooling down. The dryer has a 2-star energy rating and a two-year warranty if anything goes wrong. That being said, the reviews suggest you will be satisfied… The Solt 4.5kg Vented Dryer has a 4.5-star rating out of 877 reviews on The Good Guys. “Dries clothes quickly and completely,” one reviewer wrote.

“I’ve been quietly surprised by this dryer. It may be compact, but it handles a large load with ease & is very quiet. So far it’s performed better than some units I have had at more than twice the price,” another said.

Size: W600mm x D465mm x H700mm | Colour: White | Material: Stainless Steel

Key features:

  • Intuitive controls.
  • Adjustable levelling legs.
  • Three programs.
  • Vented.

Available at:

beige protable clothes dryer compact


600W Portable Clothes Dryer

from $189.99 from Amazon

Best for: Travellers and those who don’t use a dryer regularly.

Another type of compact clothes dryer you can consider is one that is portable. Portable clothes dryers typically take on a different drying method, and they be not only used in your home, but they can also travel with you and be used in hotels or when camping. This compact and portable dryer can dry up to nine garments in just 20 minutes, eliminating the need for air-drying or hanging. It is perfect for small apartments, limited laundry spaces, hotel rooms, or camping trips, and operates quietly to ensure you won’t disturb your surroundings. The dryer can hold up to 10kg and provides two drying modes (care mode and quick drying mode) so you can be sure you won’t damage delicate garments. The best part is through Amazon, you can receive your dryer the next day! In the package, you will receive the clothes dryer, clothes cover, user manual, hook, and power cord. 

Size: W138mm x D300mm x H250mm | Colour: Beige | Material: Plastic

Key features:

  • Two drying modes.
  • 1H, 2H and 4H timing.
  • Built-in  LED UV- Experience – deep cleansing for your garments.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Energy efficient. 

Available at:

portable clothes dryer white digital face


OPTIMUS TECHNOLOGY Smart Portable Clothes Dryer

from $224.84 at Amazon

Best for: Travellers and those who don’t use a dryer regularly.

This smart portable clothes dryer is tailored for modern living and for those who find themselves travelling a lot or don’t tend to use a dryer very often. The digital face allows you to increase or decrease your timer in 30-minute increments to set your desired drying time easily. It can hold up to 10kg worth of clothes and even comes with a double-layer mesh dryer basket for items that can’t be hung such as underwear, socks, baby clothes, etc. The device is suitable for a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, plush, and nylon, and offers 360-degree complete coverage so you can be sure your clothes are being dried completely and efficiently. This type of portable dryer is far more affordable and will also save you money in the long term as you don’t have to turn on a large machine that runs for hours. Depending on your drying needs, this compact portable clothes dryer may be perfect for you!

Sizes: W228mm x D228mm x H152mm | Colour: White | Material: Plastic

Key features:

  • Dries clothes in less than 20 minutes.
  • 110V.
  • Gentle drying for delicates.
  • Weighs 1kg. 
  • Eliminates dust mites.

Available at:

What is a compact clothes dryer?

A compact clothes dryer is simply a smaller version of a regular dryer. They are compact and are able to fit into smaller spaces, making them ideal for those who don’t have the room or don’t need a dryer of regular size. Another take on a compact clothes dryer is one that is portable. It is small, can be brought with you went travelling and though it has the same purpose, is made for much smaller loads. Depending on how many people reside in your home or how often you use a dryer, a compact clothes dryer may be something to consider if it is fitting for your lifestyle.

How long does it take for a compact clothes dryer to dry clothes?

Compact clothes dryers don’t necessarily dry your clothes faster than a standard dryer. As they are only able to hold a smaller load there are fewer clothes to dry and therefore may be slightly quicker than a standard dryer, however, if you pack it full, the clothes have no room to air and it could take hours to fully dry your garments. Portable clothes dryers are seemingly the quickest to dry your clothes, however, this is because they can only hold very few items of clothing.

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