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By now, everyone has surely binged the latest Season of The Crown. However, the Netflix series didn’t include one very important story – the kidnapping attempt on Princess Anne.

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 “There has been a lot of conversation about this on Princess Anne’s kidnapping,” royal commentator Angela Mollard reveals on New Idea’s podcast Royals.

“Back in 1974 there was an attempted kidnapping of Princess Anne, it was a huge story of the day. Anne had recently married her husband Mark Philips and was about 23. She was driving back to Buckingham Palace in a maroon Rolls Royce and she was stopped.

She continues. “A white Ford escort came up next to them, a lone gunman got out of the car and he shot her police officer in the shoulder.

“He attempted to kidnap Anne. There were six of seven men around that fought him off. Anne apparently showed tremendous fortitude herself. Now that is a really interesting story to tell.”

Princess anne
Princess Anne’s kidnapping attempt was omitted from the show. (Credit: Getty Images)

While Angela thinks it is a great story to tell, she reveals that a historian on the show has commented on why it didn’t make the cut.  

“Now the reason they haven’t according to those involved and Robert Lacey, who is a historian on the show, is that they couldn’t fit everything in,” she says.

“They had to choose what was significant, and while he acknowledged that was an incredibly important story.

“He said it just didn’t fit with the timeline, the stories they wanted to tell and the characters they wanted to develop.”

To hear more about Angela’s thoughts on The Crown, listen to this week’s podcast here…

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