Queen’s rules could limit how Meghan and Harry earn their money

Guidelines exist to ensure working royals do not exploit their status to profit in business.
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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry met at the ‘Sandringham Summit’ on Monday to thrash out details of the royals’ departure, but details surrounding how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could become “financially independent” are yet to be confirmed and may be held back by Her Majesty. 

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After the crisis talks, the Queen expressed support for the couple’s plans including their wish to not be “reliant on public funds in their new lives” in a statement to the press

However, when it comes to how Meghan and Harry intend to earn a living they may find their plans curtailed by a set of royal rules.

According to, in 2001 the Royal Household set out guidelines to help to ensure that working royals do not exploit their status to profit in business.

The rules advise royals to first consult the Lord Chamberlain before taking on a new business activity, meaning Harry and Meghan would, under these guidelines, have to do the same.

This could create issues depending on how independent they wish to become, and as per the rules, the Lord Chamberlain has to approve new business activities.

He would have to recommend against a royal accepting an invitation to an official engagement which could not be kept entirely separate from any aspects of the business activities of that royal.

The guidelines also stressed that anyone connected with a business activity “should be carefully briefed not to try to exploit, either deliberately or inadvertently, the member of the royal family’s position, associations or access”.

This would affect any work the Duke and Duchess undertook with international brands too, in keeping with the royal rules.

meg harry
Meghan and Harry will need to follow royal rules for any side hustles they undertake (Credit: Getty)

Since news that the couple want to quit their roles as senior royals came to light, Meghan Markle has raised some eyebrows after news emerged that she signed a voiceover deal with Disney who donated her fee to an elephant charity.

According to The Times, the money raised will go to Elephants Without Borders, an organisation that helps to track and protect the animals from poaching.

The British newspaper added: “However, it also touches on sensitive areas, allowing room for accusations that the couple are cheapening the royal brand and will compromise themselves for money. According to one report, during tense talks before Christmas senior members of the royal family accused the couple of already signing a deal with ‘firms including Disney’.”

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