New fears for the Queen over alarming detail in this photo

Why royal watchers are so concerned.
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Royal fans have been left fearing for the Queen’s health yet again, as new photos reveal a concerning detail on her frail frame.

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The 96-year-old monarch met with Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, during an audience in Edinburgh on Wednesday, which should have been a run-of-the-mill royal engagement.

But as soon as photos hit the internet, people noticed one worrying detail: a large bruise on the Queen’s right hand.

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Though Her Majesty appeared without a walking stick, suggesting she isn’t struggling as much with her mobility as of late, the bruise set off alarm bells for some fans.

“Is that a bruise on her hand? Looks like it’s been slammed in a door or she’s had a fall,” one concerned Instagram user commented.

The bruise was clearly visible on the Queen’s hand in new photos. (Credit: Getty)

Others theorised that Her Majesty may have dropped something on it or otherwise injured her hand, but doctors have suggested the bruising may be caused by something else.

“A lack of circulation, frail skin, exposed veins, bruising, a leakage of blood to the tissue beneath the skin causing the colour,” GP Giuseppe Aragona told The Express.

“It could be cyanosis which occurs when there is not enough oxygen in the blood… this could be linked to her recent injury.”

The Queen has faced a slew of health issues since late 2021, when she was hospitalized overnight in October, then suffered a back sprain and battled COVID-19 in early 2022.

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More recently the monarch has been dealing with mobility issues which have prevented her from attending some major events, including the royal Easter service, and had her relying on a walking stick for others.

The 96-year-old has also limited herself to attending shorter engagements, a change made for her comfort according to Buckingham Palace.

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While the bruise on her hand is just the latest in a string of concerning health updates, it’s not the first time Her Majesty has been spotted with such an injury.

Royal fans spotted a similar blemish on the back of her hands in 2019 during a meeting with the Jordanian royals in Windsor, which was theorized to be due to poor circulation.

Her Majesty had another brusie during a 2019 meeting with the Jordanian royals, pictured here with Queen Rania of Jordan. (Credit: Getty)

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