Princess Diana’s embarrassing Christmas blunder

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For many people, the first Christmas spent with your partner’s family is no doubt a daunting affair.

So spare a thought for Princess Diana who, while in a relationship with Prince Charles, made a right royal mess of her first Christmas with the Royal Family in 1981.

WATCH: Princess Diana’s Christmas faux pas

Apparently, a long-standing tradition that the Royal Family has held dear to them for quite some time is gifting each other “gag” presents to celebrate the festive season.

After all, it makes sense – what do you give the Queen, who has the means to own anything her heart desires?

Princess Diana
Princess Diana made a faux pas at her first royal Christmas when she didn’t realise they have a tradition of giving silly presents. (Credit: Getty)

Unfortunately for then newlywed Diana, she missed the memo about silly gifts (we’re looking at you, Charles!) and instead opted for a much more sensible cashmere sweater to give Princess Anne. 

Awkwardly, in exchange she received a toilet paper holder. Well, at least it’s useful!

Once Diana was aware of the hilarious tradition however, the mum-of-two didn’t hesitate to get in on the fun. The following year, she gifted Duchess Fergie a leopard print bath mat.

Fab Four Christmas
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have continued the Christmas tradition. (Credit: Getty)

Despite Diana sadly no longer being with us, the tradition has endured after her death with her kids William and Harry and their wives continuing to enjoy the fun.

Ever the prankster, Prince Harry is said to have once given his grandma a shower cap that read “Ain’t life a b**ch” which she found hilarious.

Kate Middleton reportedly gave a then-single Prince Harry a “grow your own girlfriend” kit one year, while Meghan Markle is said to have once given The Queen a singing hamster gift.

Meanwhile, Princess Anne once gave her brother Charles leather toilet seats.

Say what you will about the royals – at least they’re creative!

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