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As one of the oldest continual monarchies in the world, it should come as no surprise that the British royal family has a net worth in the billions of dollars.

From inheriting assets to being paid an annual income for their duties as working royals, the finances of the British royal family are both complex and confusing. 

Below, we’ve unpacked exactly how much the British royal family is worth in 2024. 

Queen Elizabeth amassed a huge personal fortune of almost one billion Australian dollars in her lifetime. IMAGE: Getty

How much was Queen Elizabeth worth?

Prior to her death on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth had a personal fortune of £500 million (approx $950 million AUD).

She also held the Duchy of Lancaster in her possession, as well as countless personal assets that she shared with her husband Prince Philip. 

These included her beloved Scottish holiday home Balmoral Castle, and Sandringham Estate.

King Charles is unsurprisingly the wealthiest member of the British royal family. IMAGE: Getty

How much is King Charles worth?

From the moment he was born, Charles Philip Arthur George stood to inherit billions of dollars purely by pedigree. 

In 1969, when he was 21 Prince of Wales inherited the Duchy of Cornwall.

Prior to this, the private estate was held by The Crown as only male children of monarchs could inherit the duchy, and King George VI had no male children. 

Upon the passing of his mother, King Charles inherited her personal fortune as well as The Crown Estate which is valued at approximately £15.6 billion – adding to his existing personal fortune of around £850 million.

The Crown Estate generates an average of £400 million in net revenue per year.

Unlike the Duchy of Cornwall, however, revenue generated by The Crown Estate is directed to the British government in exchange for the Sovereign Grant which is funded by British taxpayers. 

This grant is equivalent to roughly 25 percent of The Crown Estate’s profits, and averages at around £85 million per year.

King Charles is also the owner of The Duchy of Lancaster, a private portfolio of land, properties, and assets held in trust, with a net worth of £653 million. In 2022, the property reported £23.3 million in fiscal profit.

While his income will continue to flow in from several different streams, it will be The Duchy of Lancaster where he receives the majority of his annual income.

Prince William’s personal net worth grew following the passing of his grandmother, The Queen. IMAGE: Getty

How much is Prince William worth?

After his father ascended to the throne on May 6, 2023, Prince William inherited both the title of Prince of Wales and the lucrative Duchy of Cornwall.

Founded in 1337 by King Edward III for his son and heir apparent Prince Edward, the private estate consists of everything from real estate, quarries, mines, oyster farms and fisheries, farmland, and even a prison!

According to the royal family, the Duchy provides an average annual income of £21m which Prince William uses to support himself, his wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales, and their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis

Funds from the Duchy are also used to support the philanthropic work of the prince, which raises an estimated £100m for a variety of deserving causes each and every year. 

Notably, Prince William voluntarily pays income tax on all revenue generated from his estate, as his father did before him.

While his wealth was undoubtedly considerable previously, after inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall, Prince William now has an estimated net worth of £1.3 billion.

On top of this, the father-of-three also received inheritances from his late mother, Princess Diana, and paternal great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, upon their deaths in 1997 and 2002 respectively.

He also makes an income as a full-time working royal where his official living, travel, and household expenses are paid for through the Sovereign Grant.

Being a royal comes hand in hand with incredible wealth. IMAGE: Getty

How much is the British royal family worth?

Forbes has reported that the total net worth of the British royal family is approximately £22 billion.

This wealth lies primarily in property assets such as Bucking’

ham Palace, The Duchy of Cornwall, The Duchy of Lancaster, Kensington Palace, and The Crown Estate of Scotland, which are held in trust by the royal’s statutory corporation known as The Crown Estate.

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