TORN APART! Kate and William’s SPLIT

A couple divided.
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Now that Meghan and Harry have stepped back from royal duties it appears it is up to William and Kate to pick up the workload.

And, it’s already taking a heavy toll on the couple.

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Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have always played very active roles since they married in 2011, but the level of dedication to their official duties is set ramp up significantly.

We’ve already seen Kate begin to partake in more solo outings in recent years and that’s only going to increase in the months and years to come, meaning much more time away from her husband William.

Kate Middleton
Kate has been taking on more and more responsibility. (Credit: Getty)

According to royal author Phil Dampier who spoke to, “they might well space themselves out a bit more and she might well start doing things purely to spread themselves around so they can cover a bit more.

“When the lockdown is over, they might well do more solo trips, they can get more done, get to more parts of the country and get more jobs done.

“That’s a real possibility.”

Kate Middleton
How will Kate cope with the added work load? (Credit: Getty)

Kate has already embarked on her first solo trip in the UK this year promoting her ‘Five Big Questions on the Under-Fives’.

She’s also been busy launching her photography competition with the National Portrait Gallery and partaking in her first podcast where she openly spoke about her struggle as a working mum.

What’s more, the solo trips without husband William are only set to increase as the couple cover the Royal duties of two extra roles – Harry and Meghan’s.

Prince William
Extra duties could mean less family time for the royal couple. (Credit: Getty)

Just last week Kate was one of the first royals, as well as William, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwell to begin public outings once again amid the COVID pandemic.

With so much time dedicated to her Royal duties, which is only growing more and more strenuous, will she have any downtime to spend with the Prince?

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