Shock claim! Prince Harry out of control

Meghan pushes the prince to his limits.
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For a man who has long had the dubious honour of being known as the royal family’s loosest party animal, Prince Harry is probably not best placed in Los Angeles.

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With the city’s notorious drinking dens in lockdown, insiders say there’s been a massive spike in top-secret celebrity parties thrown at luxurious homes in the Hollywood Hills, far from the prying eyes of anyone – including wives.

New Idea has learned that Harry – who was once famous for his booze-fuelled antics and love of a pint – has become a regular on this small but rowdy scene, after learning about it through celebrity pals including his new neighbour and drinking buddy, singer Adele.

“Harry is the life of the party; everyone looks forward to him turning up,” shares a source exclusively.

Harry and Meghan
Prince Harry has become a regular in LA’s small but rowdy private party scene. (Credit: Getty)

“He’s great for a laugh and you get the impression that he could party for three days straight if he wanted to – and perhaps he even does. There tends to be no cellphone reception at parties in the hills so it’s easy to just switch off and enjoy yourself. I wonder what his wife thinks?”

Sources say that among Harry’s new social circle is his old friend, Aussie actress Margot Robbie, and Friends star Jennifer Aniston, who often hosts soirees at her incredible Bel Air mansion.

“Jen loves having a trusted group of people over to let their hair down. Brad Pitt is often there – though he sticks to the waters these days – and she often invites Margot, along with Orlando Bloom, who is certainly a wild one. Harry, Adele and Orly go way back so there are definitely some beers sunk between them. There’s a joke that when the three of them are together it feels like they’re in an English boozer.”

Meghan Harry
While Harry is the life of the party, Meghan has been left looking after baby Archie alone at home. (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, literally left holding the baby at home, is Harry’s 38-year-old wife, Meghan – and she’s rapidly losing patience.

“She thought she’d managed to put a lid on this ‘Party Prince’ reputation of his, and for a while there, he behaved himself,” says a source. “But it was only a matter of time before Harry got bored pacing around a mansion he’s borrowed, with Meghan bossing him around.

“It would be no surprise if he’s been lured by the many temptations of Hollywood, especially given that all his new celebrity friends are just down the road from him.”

Meghan Markle
“She thought she’d managed to put a lid on this ‘Party Prince’ reputation of his, and for a while there, he behaved himself” (Credit: Getty)

Our insider says friends back in England have been monitoring Harry closely and have long feared he would fall back into his reckless habits of his youth.

“Harry doesn’t do well under pressure, and boy is he under pressure right now,” says the source.

“If he’s spending time with friends to blow off steam, that’s great, but in the past he was known to go off on these 72-hour benders and not contact anyone.

“If he’s doing the same with Meghan, she won’t stand for this kind of behaviour.”

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