Meghan tells the Queen: You’ll never see Archie again

Meghan's secret court battle that will change royal history forever!
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Prince Harry and Meghan have taken yet another dramatic step to protect their son Archie’s privacy. 

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In a move that’s being described as “ludicrous”, the Sussexes’ 1-year-old son is now taking action against a Los Angeles-based photo agency.

The news comes just days after the former senior royals announced they were no longer being legally represented by the Queen’s lawyers.

This latest legal battle will instead be handled by a celebrity law firm that bills itself as being able to “solve a reputation problem or a privacy threat”.

Queen and Meghan
Harry and Meghan are no longer being legally represented by the Queen’s lawyers. (Credit: Getty)

Now, a well-placed palace source tells New Idea these latest moves by Meghan and Harry have left the royal family “gobsmacked”. The Queen is even said to be increasingly concerned that she may never see her beloved great-grandson again.

“Since Meghan married into the royal family, she and Harry have been involved in five court cases – the latest one is the most bizarre,” reveals the royal insider. “The family is gobsmacked she would file a lawsuit on behalf of Archie.”

The source added: “This is being seen as Meghan and Harry’s way of insinuating that Archie is theirs and no-one else gets to have a word. At this rate, the Queen wonders whether she’ll even see Archie again.”

Meghan and Archie
“The family is gobsmacked she would file a lawsuit on behalf of Archie.” (Credit: Instagram)

The case was lodged by the law firm Schillings and will be taken through the UK High Court. Legal papers show that the case is being brought by “Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and The Duchess of Sussex, HRH” against Splash news. Meghan is described as Archie’s “litigation friend” or representative, as he’s a minor.

While the case was lodged in the courts on March 25, it’s only now that details have been uncovered. The Los Angeles agency says it will “defend itself vigorously” against the lawsuit.

The photos at the centre of the case were taken in January, of Meghan hiking with Archie strapped to her chest in a public park near the family’s then-Vancouver Island home.

Harry and Meghan
Meghan and Archie with Harry in South Africa during their 2019 royal tour. (Credit: Getty)

“The boy is 1 and he can’t even speak more than a couple of words, so the idea of him filing a lawsuit just comes across as ludicrous!

“It really is a historical moment, and, the Queen fears, not in a good way,” notes the palace insider.

It is especially concerning to the royal family as their protocol has always been to work with media outlets to ensure that entering into litigation is only ever used as a last resort.

“The Queen is the first to admit the royals need a good working relationship with the media. The opinion of Her Majesty has been expressed many times to Meghan and this goes to show Meghan is blatantly ignoring her.”

Queen and Meghan
Meghan is “blatantly ignoring” the Queen. (Credit: Getty)

Last week Meghan and Harry’s biographer Lady Colin Campbell pointed out that the Duchess of Sussex has been given “greater privileges” than any previous royal bride.

“The royal family went out of their way to embrace her in a way that they have never gone out of their way to embrace anybody else,” she told the Daily Star.

But despite having an apparently friendly relationship with the Queen when she first joined the royal family, Meghan seems determined to cut all ties.

Meghan and Queen
Meghan and the Queen were all smiles at Meghan’s first solo engagement with the monarch. (Credit: Getty)

“The Queen is deeply saddened by Meghan’s actions. Now it’s personal. Meghan’s dragging Archie, who, whether she likes it or not is of royal blood, into a battle he didn’t ask to be involved in.”

But the Queen will not give up on her grandson or great-grandson without a fight.

“History has shown that she will always defend her flesh and blood. She’s pleading with Harry to see sense.”

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