LA doctor confirms: Meghan’s IVF twins!

The Sussexes were spotted at a medical centre last week
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At age 38, the Duchess of Sussex always knew her much-longed desire for a second child might be bit of a struggle.

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But, given that her husband Harry always wanted two kids, and with her well-known unstoppable attitude to getting what she wants, the former actress was never going to let a little thing like her biological clock get in the way of giving 1-year-old Archie a sibling.

If sources close to the couple in the US are to be believed, however, for Harry – who famously declared that the couple would stop at two kids to help save the environment – the wonders of modern science may scupper his plans.

Meghan harry
Could Meghan and Harry soon be welcoming a new arrival via IVF? (Credit: Getty)

Insiders are speculating that the couple could be having twins after new pictures of the pair show Meghan clutching what appear to be ‘trigger shots’ – injections prescribed by fertility doctors to help harvest a mother’s eggs ahead of IVF.

Doting Harry was right by her side as they climbed into a waiting Cadillac SUV, after leaving a building in Beverly Hills which houses medical offices – most notably infertility specialist Dr Sharon Winer.

“It could have been a run of the mill dentist appointment or whatever, but then why would Harry have needed to come with her?” says a witness. “Meghan came out with her prescription plain as day in her hand.”

Meghan Markle
Meghan is desperate to give son Archie a sibling and will do whatever it takes. (Credit: Getty)

Fans on Twitter erupted with speculation that the couple were trying to conceive with medical help, with one user noting: “That is definitely a trigger shot, I just sent the picture to my daughter who is currently on her 3 [sic] egg donation. She said it is definitely the same package her [sic] comes in with the blue stripe.”

Meanwhile, Beverly Hills obstetrician Dr Suzanne Beth Gilberg-Lenz, who has never treated Meghan, is intrigued she would choose a trigger shot, also known as gonadotropin, as it is reported as having the highest rate of twins among the fertility treatments, with one study claiming 30 per cent of pregnancies end with multiples.

Meghan Harry Archie
Meghan and Harry are already parents to one-year-old son Archie. (Credit: Getty)

“A trigger shot essentially triggers ovulation by injecting the pregnancy hormone hCG [human chorionic gonadotropin]. It’s injected medication that stimulates the follicles in your ovaries,” says Dr Suzanne.

“Any kind of fertility treatment will increase the chance of multiple pregnancies, particularly gonadotropins.”

A source close to Meghan says: “She and Harry want Archie to have a sibling. She has been informed that IVF at her age increases her chance of twins to 10 per cent, but she’s game, and so is Harry. It wasn’t their plan to have three kids, but they’d rather that than Archie growing up as an only child.”

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