King’s plea to sons: it’s time to heal

The monarch plans on celebrating his birthday with a family reunion.
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Next month, King Charles will celebrate his milestone 75th birthday.

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And all the monarch wants for his special day on November 14 is a reconciliation with his wayward youngest son, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

“Word is that he’s summoned Harry to London for a small pre-birthday dinner at which he’s hoping to begin the healing process,” a palace insider exclusively tells New Idea.

“There’s also every indication that Harry’s desperate to rekindle his relationship with his father.

“If it also means patching things up with his brother Prince Wiliam, he may be willing to do so – if Charles makes it a personal request.”

Revisiting happier times with his sons is the top of Charles wishlist. (Credit: Getty)

Our source reveals that deep down, the King’s fondest desire is for both his sons to mend fences.

“Queen Camilla is planning a large family get-together to mark the King’s birthday and she knows how important it is for him to have both his sons there,” our insider says.

The last thing anyone wants is for another special family moment to be overshadowed by missing relatives – namely Harry’s children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

The King has only met his Sussex grandchildren on a handful of occasions – and now has not seen the tots, aged four and two, in well over a year.

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“Prince William is still steaming mad over Harry’s actions.” (Credit: Getty)

“Charles knows he faces an uphill battle [to reunite his sons] but he’s going to make sure everyone, especially William, is aware of his wishes,” our source adds.

“While William is still steaming mad over Harry’s actions, he is his father’s son and he’s likely to soften to keep Charles happy on his birthday.”

Charles has always held out an olive branch to Harry, even after he stepped down from official royal duties in January 2020 and released his vitriolic biography Spare earlier this year.

Most recently, he invited Harry to mark the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death at Balmoral with the rest of the family, an offer Harry ultimately rejected.

Harry’s keen to reconnect with his family – but is William onboard? (Credit: Getty)

Even so, Charles hopes to “sit down and share a wee dram with both his sons,” our source says.

Insiders say the King also has an ulterior motive.

“Charles has both a personal and a strategic need to resolve the issue,” a former palace staffer told online publication The Daily Beast.

“Charles loves Harry – but his priority also is to fulfil his duty as king and not let his mother down.”

And that, it seems means he must heal the family rift – once and for all.

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