Kate Middleton’s private texts to Prince Harry leaked

“The trust has totally gone now…”
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With King Charles’ May 6 coronation drawing ever nearer, the Princess of Wales’ anxiety is increasing by the day. Whether or not her brother-in-law and his wife will be in attendance at the historic event is playing on her mind, say insiders.

Kate, 41, has arguably suffered the most at the hands of Prince Harry’s tell-all, Spare, given that he shared personal texts between her and Meghan Markle and disclosed private conversations they had, resulting in Kate being seen by some as cold and argumentative.

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“The whole ordeal has changed how Kate sees Harry altogether,” says a source. “He was once one of her closest friends … the trust has totally gone now. The last thing Kate wants is to be forced into having a face-to-face with the two people who have tried so hard to hurt her.”

The King’s coronation should be a time of celebration for his family, but instead “Kate’s worried that if the Sussexes turn up, she’s going to have to spend every second looking over her shoulder,” continues the source.

Harry, 38, exposing Kate’s text message exchange with Meghan, 41, in Spare, over the now- infamous disagreement about Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress in the lead-up to the Sussexes’ 2018 wedding, has “made Kate question everything”.

kate middleton
Kate is extremely concerned since Harry leaked her texts with Meghan. (Credit: Supplied)

“The King has asked William and Kate to get back in touch with Harry and Meghan and try to smooth things over, but Kate is paranoid that any text or email sent their way could be misconstrued and put out into the public,” says the source.

“She’s even reticent to have written conversations with anyone mutually close with Harry – like a few of William’s friends and even Princess Eugenie – because she’s so worried it could end up in the hands of the Sussexes, who she’s sure wouldn’t think twice about leaking her texts again.”

“She’s careful to the point of paranoia about putting anything in writing, where they’re concerned, for fear of being ‘difficult’ again.”

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“It’s sad,” adds the source, “It’s no way to live. She doesn’t deserve to feel this way.”

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