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The reason MAFS Tracey couldn’t stop licking her lips

The bizarre habit explained.

There were many moments in this season of Married At First Sight that left us looking like this…

One of which was Tracey Jewel’s persistent licking of her lips, leaving many fans desperate for answers.’s resident Married At First Sight expert James Weir revealed his theory during an interview with KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O on Thursday.

James revealed, ‘She didn’t just get fillers apparently…they’ve folded her lip out so much that the inner-mucosa of the lip is now exposed and usually in life that should be lubricated.

‘So now her body’s sending messages to her brain saying, ‘Lick your lips, your mucosa’s dry!’,’ he told the hosts. 

Reaching out to Dr Mary Dingley at Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, James sought for an expert’s opinion. 

Unfortunately, she shot down the idea that the lip licking was because of a cosmetic procedure and said that it was more than likely just a habit.

Dr Dingley said, ‘There is a surgical procedure called a vermilionectomy which excises the dry red part of the lip (the vermilion) and then the wet red part (mucosa) is brought forward to meet the white edge and sewn there. This is done when there is a lot of sun damage on, usually, the lower lip.

‘If anything, this tends to make the lip smaller as it tends to get pulled back towards the inside of the mouth. Licking the lips is a habit which tends to be self-perpetuating, as the lips become drier through the licking, stimulating more licking,’ she adds.

Tracey’s cosmetic surgery became a big talking point during this season of MAFS, when pictures of her dramatic transformation made their way online. 

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