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Viewers react to the House Rules Grand Final

As Toad & Mandy are crowned the 2018 champs!

House Rules officially crowned it’s 2018 champions last night, with Toad & Mandy taking home the whopping $355,000 prize money over competitive couple Mel and Dave.

In an emotional ending, the diary farmers became victorious after scoring a 24 out of 30 from the judges, just one point ahead of their competitors. 

Following the close race, viewers took to social media to congratulate the deserving team.

Mel and Dave also took to social media to congratulate the winning couple.

They wrote: ‘We would like to extend our congratulations to Toad and Mandy, the House Rules champions of 2018 🔨🏚= 🥇👏🏽 

‘We have so very much enjoyed working alongside you renovating not only each other’s homes but the other teams houses also. This very long journey has been a crazy emotional roller coaster ride but we are so very happy to of meet you…

‘I’m sure you’ll be celebrating with family and friends until the cows come home so soak it up, kick back and dance the night away. Let your celebrations begin 🍻🍷🐮’

The first thing on Toad and Mandy’s agenda is to plan their long awaited wedding!

Congratulations to the couple! 

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