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Tracey Jewel lashes out at Dean Wells and says her friends won’t forgive him

Things get heated!

While Davina Rankin may have exited the Married At First Sight experiment, the pressure still appears to be on for controversial couple Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells – as the single mum blasts her partner by admitting her friends will not forgive his cheating ways. 

On Monday night’s episode, it appears Dean was not impressed with the term ‘cheat’ after his affair with Davina. ‘I didn’t cheat!’ the 39-year-old told his bride.

However, this soon caused a heated moment as the 34-year-old stormed off to bed.

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(Credit: Channel 9)

‘It was emotional cheating. They’ll see it as an absolute betrayal!’ Tracey explains.

At this stage, Dean is still offended by the ‘cheater’ label.

‘Whatever. I’ve made some mistakes, I’ve apologised…as far as I’m concerned I just did what I did,’ he says. ‘I wasn’t happy after the first week [and] I told you that at the first commitment ceremony.’

‘Why are you so angry?” he asks. To which Tracey replied: “Because I think it’s absolute bullsh-t! When you say sh-t like that I’m like, ‘Why did I take you back if that’s how you really feel?’’

Channel 9
Dean details his affair to Tracey’s friends (Credit: Channel 9)

We then see the couple meet with Tracey’s friends and Dean opens up about his affair.

‘I met up with this girl for a drink. That girl expressed a pretty intense interest in leaving her husband and being with me,’ he tells Tracey’s friends. ‘And I did also express some interest in being with her. We talked about leaving our partners and getting together.’

Dean then tells the camera: ‘I think they were quite understanding.’

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Tracey’s friends are NOT happy! (Credit: Channel 9)

But this isn’t the case for Tracey’s dear friend.

‘That’s horrible, its just another layer of humiliation,’ she confesses.

Watch the clip below to see Dean’s confession.

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