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The Block’s Tanya and Vito are proof that opposites do attract

Here's the secret to their 18-year marriage.
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While they’ve been involved with a few cheating scandals on The Block this year, Tanya and Vito Guccione have upheld a united front throughout the season so far.

WATCH BELOW: The Block: Tanya’s tell all about the cheating scandal

After 20 years together, and 18 of those years spent as a married couple, Tanya and Vito have just about been through it all.

The couple, who share two children together, 12-year-old Eva and 8-year-old Josiah, are one of this year’s ‘Fans’ on The Block’s Fans v Faves season.

Their stint on the renovation show has been rocky to say the least, where they’ve been involved in a number of cheating scandals, including the ever-evolving saga with the leaked production schedule.

tanya vito the block
Tanya and Vito have been together for two decades. (Credit: Nine)

Despite all the controversy, the couple have stayed strong, where they previously told 9Entertainment that their relationship is all about “opposites attract, opposites attack”.

“It took us a few years to work out our dynamic. We might not have it all together, but together we have it all,” Tanya said.

“We’re far from perfect and so different, but when it comes to morals, ethics and what we stand for, we’re the same.”

tanya vito guccione kids
The couple share two kids together. (Credit: Instagram)

It’s that close-bond that the pair credit to getting them through The Block, despite not having any prior renovation experience.

“The strength we have as a team is that we definitely trust each other. I’m the doer and you’re the ideas and designs. I cross the Ts and dot the Is,” Vito told the publication.

The love they have for their family is also another factor as to what keeps them focused during the show, where like any parents, they want to make their kids proud.

“We wanted to do The Block for our kids, to show them that mum and dad can create something awesome.”

the block tanya vito
“The strength we have as a team is that we definitely trust each other.” (Credit: Nine)

As for when they’re not on TV, Tanya, 39, works as a makeup artist and is fairly well known in her home city of Melbourne, and other parts of Australia.

Whereas Vito, 45, is currently settled in the world of window furnishings, after having had many professions over the years, including being a qualified barber.

Together, the couple have raised a beautiful family, and often share snippets to social media of their self-proclaimed ‘Gucci gang’.

“Happy Valentine’s Day from the #guccigangfam ❤️ spread love where ever you can and Not just on V day!” Tanya shared earlier this year.

tanya vito guccione family
Tanya and Vito often share their family to social media. (Credit: Instagram)

Tanya also never misses an opportunity to gush about her husband on her Instagram, where she recently celebrated Vito’s birthday with a sweet tribute.

“Happy birthday to my main man! You are a whirlwind of emotions, a fun and crazy proud Italian who loves gnocchi family and bikes more than anyone I know!” she began.

“You are truly One of a kind, hard working, dream making and up for any challenge I throw you, even if it breaks you you get back up again and keep going! You make 45 look cool!

“Hehe here’s to a huge year ahead, Full of more laughter goal smashing and crazy memories! It’s just the beginning Veets! Strap in and get ready for the ride! Together we can do anything! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼we love you so much.”

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