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The Block’s Sarah-Jane given major surgery news 24 hours before auction night

"I've got some bruising, but all is going pretty well to be honest."
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After a devasting end to The Block which led to fan favourites, Tom and Sarah-Jane having to take drastic measures to rebuild their savings, it seems the couple are yet to catch a break…

Sarah-Jane announced to her Instagram followers that she had recently undergone a double mastectomy after discovering she was a BRCA1 gene carrier which means she has an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

WATCH: The Block‘s Sarah-Jane underwent double mastectomy

The reality television star previously admitted her mother first developed breast cancer at 36-years-old.

Despite being only a preventative surgery, Sarah-Jane was on the wait list for five years and was only approved for surgery one day before The Block‘s auction night on November 5.

“It’s been a long time in the making – I’ve been on this list for five-plus years. Then, the day before The Block auction, they called me: ‘We’ve got a spot for you’,” she said on Instagram.

the block sarah-jane
Sarah-Jane has revealed she’s had a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of getting breast cancer. She’s needed the surgey for five years and was told she finally was able to get it done just 24 hours before The Block’s auction day… (Credit: Instagram)

Sarah-Jane went into surgery less than a fortnight later.

Less than a week after the surgery, Sarah-Jane posted a story to Instagram to share the recovery process with followers.

“It is day five since my double mastectomy – I’ve got my compression bra on, which they ask you to wear afterwards. I’ve had all my breast tissue removed, then I had implants put in straight away,” she said.

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“I’ve got some bruising, but all is going pretty well to be honest. And I do have nipples, for people asking! They were able to save my nipples; not everybody’s nipples are salvageable.”

Sarah-Jane revealed the surgery resulted in the tissue in her breast being removed alongside some nerves which means she has little to no feeling in the area including her nipple, but she joked “which is okay I wasn’t much into nipple foreplay anyways.”

She also discussed the post-surgery medical equipment including the two bags – or “ALDI shopping bags” according to her husband Tom – under her arms which drained fluid from her breasts.

sarah-jane tom the block
Tom has shared that he’s incredibly proud of his wife. (Credit: Instagram)

“[Tom] tells me, ‘don’t forget your ALDI shopping bags when you go to the toilet,'” Sarah-Jane laughed.

Despite the joking around, there is nothing but love between the pair as Tom took to his personal Instagram to share how proud he was of his “incredible” wife.

“So proud @sarahjane91__ you truly are so incredible. Still smiling away after you massive surgery! Tough as hell. Love you. #tartentheworld,” he wrote.

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