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The Block: Lie detector bombshell!

Another explosive revelation will be uncovered.
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The fallout from The Block’s explosive cheating scandal isn’t slowing down.

WATCH BELOW: The Block: Tanya’s tell all about the cheating scandal

Twins Josh and Luke Packham are still savaging their co-stars, with the duo suggesting a lie detector test is needed to determine the full extent of the never-ending saga.

While Tanya and Vito Guccione admitted to being involved in the situation, the reality siblings last week took to Instagram to twist the knife!

“Who thinks we should all do a lie detector test at the end of the series to really find out who knew what,” they posted.

the block josh luke packham
Twins Luke and Josh have put Tanya on blast, calling for a lie detector test! (Credit: Nine)

They added, “Several teams would be quite worried!”

Interestingly, an insider says there is growing concern among the five teams that the show’s finale could, in fact, include a lie detector prior to auction – including involvement from the builders and crew!

“There’s still so many questions that need answering and a lot of things that don’t add up,” says a source. “There’s whispers production will force everyone to take a test to determine the truth.”

the block tanya vito guccione
Scotty’s concerned for the Blockheads. (Credit: Nine)

Josh and Luke became embroiled in the cheating scandal when they took photos of the show’s production schedule, which gave them the advantage of knowing which room they would have to renovate next.

Tanya and Vito’s involvement saw them acquire a confidential production schedule, and while host, Scott Cam, has done his best to resolve the issue, New Idea’s on-set spy said the Blockheads were so divided by the fallout that the 2021 auction day could be at risk!

“The angst that has come from this saga is mounting,” said an insider, who said for the first time in The Block’s near-decade history, the contestants are so divided they may refuse to come together for the blockbuster finale episode.

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