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The Block’s Josh & Luke vs. The Judges: Bitter to the very end!

It’s two against three as tensions soar.
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The Block’s Josh and Luke Packham told all about the infamous cheating scandal last week, revealing they feel like they received a “disappointing” edit and were made to appear “naughty”.

WATCH: The Block’s Scott Cam reveals the cheating scandal penalty

Interestingly, the pair claim all the Blockheads were a lot closer than they appeared on-screen, and that there were plenty of unseen happy times between the teams – who are predominately frosty this year.

But one insider tells New Idea that while Josh and Luke remain civil with their competitors, there is no love lost between the siblings and the judges – Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer.

Apparently there is no love lost between Josh and Luke (pictured) and The Block judges. (Credit: Nine Network)

“In the final weeks of the competition, the twins could barely look at the judges,” explains the source. “They felt totally let down and disappointed by them all.”

The source reveals the brothers are left shell shocked by feedback on their front yard that leaves them reeling. Josh and Luke previously accused the judges of “humiliating” them with their feedback – and this week the source teases a massive spat on set.

Along with the judges, another member of the Block team who had a recent bone to pick with Luke and Josh is host Scott Cam.

“In the final weeks of the competition, the twins could barely look at the judges,” a source told us. (Credit: Nine Network)

Speaking with NOVA’s Fitzy & Wippa last month, Scott, 58, was clearly irate about the boys’ involvement in cheating saga, deeming the whole thing “un-Australian”.

“To have someone cheat and get an advantage, to me, it’s un-Australian, it’s just no good. I’d like it to be 1965… we could go old-school on them,” the carpenter said.

Fitzy & Wippa then pulled up a clip of the cheaters in question, Josh and Luke Packham, where they said that Scotty had “gone easy on some people” who they claimed were also involved in the scandal, and used it to their advantage.

Scotty, however, fired back, telling the radio hosts: “For them to say that, that sh*ts me up the wall.”

Scott Cam also wasn’t too happy with the twins last month, and let his thoughts be known. (Credit: Nine Network)

“I’m scrambling to save my show because of what they have done. They knew all along what the schedule was… the ball is in their court, certainly not mine. Those boys are absolutely kidding themselves, fair dinkum.”

Josh and Luke became embroiled in the cheating scandal when they took photos of the show’s production schedule, which gave them the advantage of knowing which room they would have to renovate next.

Despite the twins claiming that other contestants also took advantage of the schedule, fellow Blockheads Ronnie and Georgia hit back at the allegations, attesting that they informed production of the exposed production board five minutes after seeing it.

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