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The Block’s Jesse and Kirsty’s marriage under threat

Pressure, both personal and professional, are proving too tough.
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After winning the House Decider Challenge, Kirsty and Jesse did not hesitate in scooping up The Block’s biggest property.

WATCH BELOW: The Block 2021: Kirsty and Jesse outline their redo master bedroom plans

House 5 is a massive block of more than 900sqm and is the only two-storey home this year.

Although Kirsty and Jesse nabbed the monstrous block as part of an auction-day strategy, New Idea hears the arduous build is putting a strain on their 10-year marriage!

the block jesse kirsty
Everything OK, guys?! (Credit: Supplied)

For weeks, the rest of the Blockheads have doubted if the couple, who are from Wangi Wangi, NSW, would in fact be able to pull off their renovation.

Now, insiders reveal things turn from bad to worse for the duo this week.

“At this stage of the build, the pair are exhausted and things just stiffen between them,” says a source, adding: “It’s been a lot of pressure on them and an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish.”

the block jesse kirsty
Insiders reveal the couple’s relationship is put to the test amid building chaos. (Credit: Supplied)

Despite remaining relatively uninvolved in the never-ending drama on this season, insiders say Kirsty lands right in the middle of the firing line this week and ends up on rocky terms with returning favourite, Georgia.

“It really is the last thing they needed,” tells the insider.

In recent photos obtained of the couple, Kirsty and Jesse looked stressed as they embarked on their build on set.

Onlookers say the pair, who also work together on Kirsty’s country music career outside of The Block, looked “tense” and “unlike their usual happy selves” as they went about their day in Melbourne.

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