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The Blocks’ Sarah-Jane and Rachel blast winners Omar and Oz

"They had two huge egos with a s*** load of money…and that was the recipe for success."
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The Block 2023 contestants Sarah-Jane Calleja and Rachel Carr have blasted the winners of their season, Omar and Oz, in an explosive episode of their new podcast I Just Can’t. 

Reflecting upon auction night, the pair spoke candidly about their experiences and what they predicted would happen.

WATCH NOW: Omar and Oz win The Block. Article continues after video. 

“Let me ask you this…” Rachel poses to Sarah-Jane. 

“The boys [Oz and Omar] go in first, right, and come out with $1.6 million. Do you think we were all going to come out with that amount of money?”

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“No,” Sarah-Jane responds without a moment’s hesitation.

“Because the boys were the only two registered bidders. The only reason it went up so high is because you had two huge egos…two huge millionaires pumping it out. And I’m looking and thinking, ‘Well, that millionaire isn’t coming to my auction.”

Will you be tuning in? (Credit: Instagram)

The millionaire the firm friends are referring to of course is Adrian Portelli aka “Mr Lambo”, who bid 4.5 million on Omar and Oz’s property (much higher than the $4.08 million reserve price). 

As a result, the best friends from Western Sydney took home a record-breaking $1,686,666.66 in prize money. 

Their fellow competitors however didn’t not have such a positive auction night result. 

Omar and Oz won The Block with a fair share of controversy. (Credit: Nine)

Ankur and Sharon sold their property five days after the auction to Adrian Portelli, taking home $170,000 in prize money whilst Rachel and Ryan also sold their property post-auction, leaving them with $169,000.50 in prize money. 

Unfortunately for Tom and Sarah-Jane, they made history for the wrong reasons, securing a mere $20,000 to take home from their efforts (in the lowest auction result on The Block since 2014) whilst Dylan and Jenny eventually sold their property for $180,000 below the reserve price. 

It still remains unclear if they ever received any prize money. 

But back to the podcast!

The Block 2022 auctions were highly controversial. (Credit: Nine)

After discussions of their expectations going into the auction, the girls went on to discuss why the auction order was carried out as it did. 

“That’s the whole reason the boys went first because they were the only house with two registered bidders,” Sarah-Jane explains. 

“They had to go first.”

“No one thought it was going to win. I personally, didn’t think it was the best house and that’s not throwing shade, that was my opinion the entire time. But they had two huge egos with a s*** load of money…and that was the recipe for success,” she said.

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