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The Block 2018: Air date

Plus, meet this year's blockheads!
Channel 9 the blockChannel 9

Get ready blockheads, because The Block Season 14 is about to kick off!

Channel Nine has announced that the new season will air on Sunday, August 5, 2018. 

The latest season has already caused controversy, when the network announced the teams would be renovating The Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda. 

The infamous ‘house of horrors’, which has seen a series of fatal drug overdoses over the years, was reportedly cleaned of 389 syringes, with some found wedged under carpets and floor boards. 

A source told the Telegraph, Some rooms were immaculately maintained by elderly boarders and then right next door would be an ice lab.’

‘There was graffiti sprayed on the walls and they had lifted up carpet to push needles through holes in the floorboards,’ they added.

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Channel 9 the block
(Credit: Channel 9)

You can meet all five teams competing in this year’s competition here

Scott Cam returns as host for the show’s 14th season, along with team mentor Shelley Craft and Foremen Dan Reilly and Keith Schleiger.

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