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My Kitchen Rules Sonya and Hadil: ‘We’re not to blame’

The fiery contestants speak out again!

After weeks of attacks on Jess and Emma, the show’s branded ‘villains’ Sonya and Hadil’s final scathing verbal assault on the Sydney sisters has caused public outrage.


Viewers have taken to Instagram slamming the feisty Jordanians’ behaviour.

‘You can’t justify this disgusting behaviour. You said these words. You need to own it,’ one post read.

Another fan wrote: ‘What S & H did to you guys and the rest of the teams last night was down right bullying, threatening and disrespectful.’

Remarkably, the friends stand by their actions – insisting that ‘there’s more to the scandal’ than meets the eye!’

‘Only a complete fool makes accusations based on what another person has told them. Don’t assume everything you hear to be true, and never accuse without knowing all the facts, or both sides of a story. The best option is to stay silent if you don’t witness something yourself.’

Despite the post sparking outrage, Sonya and Hadil defended themselves to MKR fans, firing back with: ‘Yes, we said those words and they truly don’t reflect our values and who we’ve grown up to be.’

‘We take full responsibility for our words. Like any reality-TV show, no-one but the people on-set filming 10-14 hour days knows exactly what goes on behind the tears, the tension, the smiles, the reactions.’

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